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NIS Conducts "Co-operation of Small Dimensions of Nuclear Military Forces After Talking With North Korea" –


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China will negotiate to stop this activity
"I was a blue spokesperson or a spokesman for the north.

On August 14, the National Intelligence Agency announced to the National Assembly that "North Korea's nuclear-related and missile activities are proceeding after the US-North Korea summit." Kim Sang-kiun, deputy director of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), attended the National Assembly's Intelligence Committee and said: "We will continue to develop the technology to reduce the size of nuclear warheads that can be mounted on short-range missiles such as labor and Scud, it seems to be there. "

NIS work and short missiles are designed for bases of South Korea or Japan (USSR). The fact that North Korea has continued to develop nuclear warheads for these missiles means it has upgraded its ability to attack Korea and Japan, even after inter-ministerial talks at the summit. Labor and Scud launched in 2016 in Sukumang-mall in the province of Hwanghae, mentioned by CSIS.

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At a meeting of the Information Committee of the National Assembly on the morning of October 14, the Information Chair (center) and the secretary of the ruling Uri party held a meeting with Kim Sang-giun (left to left) From left to right, Lee Eun-jae, a member of the Korean National Assembly, Kim Sang-giun, Vice President of the University Kim Kwan-young, / News

Spokesman Cheong Va Dae Kim Dae-jung said: "We are negotiating to stop such nuclear activities and complete dunuclearization." The opposition party criticizes Cheong Va Dae looks denser in the north, although North Korea is actually continuing to develop nuclear weapons and missiles, contrary to the statement by Cheong Va Dae that Kim Jong Eun is ready for dunuclearization. Ioon Ioung-suk, a spokeswoman for the Liberal Democratic Party of Korea, said: "We are in favor of a base of ballistic missiles directed at our people, so it is confusing whether spokesman Cheong Va Dae or a spokesman for the North Korean spokesperson."

The National Intelligence Service said: "We were already acquainted with the status of the Saxon Sub-Saham basin, and normal activities are continuing," he said. "We will also look at other rocket bases and their tracking." NIS also reported on the status of a rocket currently held by North, such as Scud and Labor, and said: "Korea and the United States jointly evaluate and share relevant issues and closely monitor closely related facilities and activities like nuclear missiles and North Korean missiles." is.

Defense Minister Chung Kiung-doo said, "I know that," he said, referring to the question of whether the development of the technology for the miniaturization of the nuclear warhead continues. "Whenever the KCSD visits the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I reported it through a non-disclosure report," he said. "I closely follow North Korea's trends in 24 hours." "We are only interested in intercontinental ballistic missiles that jeopardize the territory of the United States," he said. "We must not only express our continuous development of short-range rocket technology as" normal activity, "but also to be warned."

Experts point out that NIS has confirmed that North Korea's nuclear development continues in a dialogue and a peaceful atmosphere from the US-North Korea summit. North Korea has never declared the development or deployment of missiles to cease fire or short-range or halted the development of nuclear warheads (miniaturization). But a joint declaration on the Pyongyang summit in September said that the two Koreas agreed to become peace in the Korean Peninsula peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats and to make the necessary progress in achieving this.

If nuclear warheads can be installed on Scud rockets that South Korea is under NIS control, the nuclear threat to the North will continue. This is a situation that is beyond the spirit of the summit agreement. It is said that the largest number of 1,000 ballistic missiles possessed by North Korea Scud, and the total number is 600. The range is 300 ~ 500km and the modified ER type is 1,000km long.

The National Intelligence Service and military authorities said the miniaturization of the nuclear warhead of North Korea "has progressed significantly, but has not yet been confirmed." NIS reported at a briefing by the National Assembly after the fifth nuclear test in the north of September 2016, "The goal of North Korea is the development of a nuclear weapon large enough to be mounted on Scud rockets," he said. I am concerned that it will progress at speed. "On the other hand, there are several experts who have already succeeded in miniaturization. In addition to 60 to 80 centimeters in diameter, such as nuclear-weapon in the shape of a circle discovered by North Korea in 2016 and a long-range nuclear weapon (hydrogen bomb) , published just before the sixth nuclear test last September, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.) North Korea said in a statement by its nuclear weapons research laboratory shortly after the fifth nuclear test in 2016. "In the nuclear test, struc tour, operational characteristics, performance and power nuclear warheads standardized and standardized mounting on strategic ballistic missiles (missiles), "I said.

The complete dunuclearization of North Korea should include not only the elimination of nuclear weapons, nuclear materials and nuclear facilities, but also the disassembly of the missile as a means of transporting nuclear weapons. "ICBM and short-range missiles, with the exception of medium-range missiles, are also in line with our ballistic missile problem and we are considering a cautious strategic approach," the source said.

On the other hand, the ruling and opposition parties fought against the New York Times and other firewall reports. In addition, Democratic Party leader Hong Ioung-pio said: "The United States is already aware of the USSG missile base, but it should not be exaggerated or swollen as if working on a new base." Lee Jae-jung, a spokesman for the ruling party, said: "Peace on the peninsula in Korea must not interfere with false news with the aim of persuading the political intentions of certain forces."

On the other hand, Rep. Kim Ioung-voo, former chairman of the National Defense Commission, said the previous day, spokesman Cheong Va Dae said: "North Korea has never promised to leave the missile base." "The US press and experts say North Korea is scamming the international community." It is normal for a spokesman to come out and represent North Korea's position. "Kim said:" The spokesman will definitely receive a salary from the Republic of Korea, but he still represents North Korea.

"North Korea has never reached an agreement on its obligation to leave the missile," Kim said on December 13, "CSIS wrote the word" unsure "and there are no agreements North Korea should declare." He said.

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