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Park, Jae-sun logo change statement … Choi, Soon-sil "Enjoy Natto, Natto"

Choi, Soon - sil, "noncompetitive reality". [뉴스1]

Choi, Soon – sil, "noncompetitive reality". [뉴스1]

At a meeting with former President Park Geun-hie at an inauguration meeting held at the time of his election, the video was split with Choi, Soon-sil, who was in charge of non-selection.

According to a record of the votes of former President Park, former Presidential Secretary Chung Ho-sung and former President Park Sung, published on November 17, the Sisa newspaper held a meeting on February 20, 2013 in Seoul.

Accordingly, Park showed a special interest in changing the Cheong Va Daea logo while he followed Choi Choi's opinion at the meeting.

Park said, "We better take it away." Even if I had done that, it was not nice anyway. Just put a tile on this one. Blue tile. "Choi replied:" I did it and it was like Gieonghoer. "

Park said, "That's better." I gotta be decent, this. Choi said, "Only one piece is perfect." When Choi tried to continue his claim, Choi said, "Do you want fruit?"

After that, Park said: "Can I get only one tile, and I can not get a little blue? This is weird, but …" Let's make it a problem with changing the logo, Choi said, "Please enjoy Natt. Natto "and they said they were eating again.

On the other hand, Blue House logo was changed on March 22, a month after Park took office. In the image of the original Cheong Va Dae that originated during the administration of Lee Miung-bak, there was a rounded border, and the letter "Cheong Va Dae" grew.

Kim Eun Bin reporter

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