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Police, Park, Ioon-chun

The police investigating the case of the drug of the actor and singer Ioochun Park (33, photo) confirmed that they have a definite clue to prove it.

According to the investigative authorities on December 17, the Gieonggi South Police Narcotics Investigation team, who investigates the Park case, provided video surveillance of the situation where Park bought drugs earlier this year.

In addition, the police reported that the Park had provided money for depositing money into an account that was supposed to be used for the purchase of drugs through ATMs.

The police said that the arrest of Robert Harley (61, Korea High), who was previously arrested, is similar to receiving a drug in the discharged state (face-to-face transaction) after cashing.

Specifically, the time of CCTV recording explores whether there is a connection between Hannah Han (31), a granddaughter of Namiang's dairy industry founder, who said she was taking drugs with Park earlier this year.
Park, who volunteered to report at the Southern Police Station at 10 am, declined all accusations.

The park attended the police in a black suit, a white shirt and a note. He went into the investigation after telling the journalist: "I will pass the investigation as far as I can."

The police conducted the investigation by 19 hours, but Park refused all accusations related to him. The park called for murder in 19 hours, and the police stopped investigating and returned it to their home. The police said the police did not show it to the CCTV Police Park. The police said: "I'll call Park again soon."

In the meantime, Park is suspected of having the intention of destroying evidence after being confirmed to have been tested for drug reactions, and that she shaved most of her hair on the body.

The day before, the police arrested the Park for arresting him for violating the Narcotics Control Act and seizing his body, as well as a home in the Park. To get the hair needed for the drug reaction test.

In this process, Park confirmed that most of the hair was removed, and the police pulled out the hair and part of the hair of the remaining legs and asked the National Institute for Scientific Research of precise emotions.

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