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Pulmuone Launched & # 39; Handi Mill Black & Vita D & # 39 ;, a morning replacement for green juice and vitamin D

The current replacement for vitamin D was created for workers and students who are sick and tired of the sun for daily everyday activities.

Pulmuone's brand of full beverage has announced the launch of 'Handi Mill Black & Vitamin D' (150ml / 2300 vin), a liquid replacements filled with 4 types of black foods and vitamin D in fresh milk.

Vitamin D is known as an essential nutrient that helps absorption of calcium in the body and helps the growth and maintenance of bones. However, CDC statistics show that 93% of Koreans lack vitamin D. Vitamin D is synthesized in the body when there is enough sunlight, but it should be entered as food if it is difficult to get enough sunlight due to fine dust and indoor activity.

& # 39; Handimilk Black & Vitamin D & # 39; included 240IU, which is 60% of the daily recommendation for vitamin D intake. In particular, vitamin D extracted from the mushroom mushroom, which is a natural raw material, is in the form of powder. Vitamin D, which is normally consumed through functional foods, is vitamin-soluble in fats, which is mainly capsular.

In Handi Mill Black & Vita D, you can enjoy a soft and strong morning by placing black foods such as black beans, black sesame, black rice and red beans in the form of powder in fresh crude oil from 1A.

In this product, we applied a water separation label & # 39; in order to facilitate the recycling of PET bottles with the value of Pulmuone LOHAS, which respects human and natural value. Water spray stickers are environmental labels that allow easy separation of labels during the recycling phase, even if PET bottles and labels are not separated.

Commemorative events for new products will also be held. With Handi Mill Black & Vita D, we will provide AHC wands to all new customers applying for products by June to prepare for a healthy year.

"Handi Mill Black & Vitamin D," launched by Pulmuone Green Co., said, "The New Handi Mill Black & Vitamin D is a safe replacement for vitamin D, which comes from natural raw materials and contains nutrally balanced levels of crude oil and black I recommend it to anyone who can not work daily outdoor activities because of the sun's light due to dust, night work, school or working life. "

On the other hand, the market for ready-to-use substitute products is estimated at about three trillion yards by 2018, and the walnut and grain breakfast wafers and vegetable ingredients are becoming popular. Pulmuone Green Juice will continue to expand its replacement with a nutritious design that increases grain-based usefulness.

& # 39; Handi Mill Black & Vita D & # 39; can be purchased fresh every day from the office or home by Pulmuona Green Franchise Shop or Pulmuena Green Soup, which is the selling and selling center of Pulmuone Green juice. The price is 2300 per bottle (150ml).

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