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[RE:TV]Emperor Je-seong and Ji Seok-jin laid down, ‘What do you do if you play?’ A test that is fun to know

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Emperor Comedian Seong and Yi Seok-yin passed the 2nd blind test. The two tried to audition under the names Riu Jun-ieol and Song Joong-ki, but soon the congestion was discovered. However, in the process of choosing MSG, the fun was pretty much doubled.

At 18:30, 24, MBC “What do you do when you play?” Contained the second blind test “MSG Vannabe”. There were also abandonments through group group missions.

Yi Seok-yin (Song Joong-ki), who was known through the group’s mission on this day, passed by showing his level of singing skills.

In addition, through a blind test, Yiu Ya-ho quickly discovered Rio Yun-yeol. Yoo Ya-ho couldn’t help laughing, saying, “I know who I am when I see shadows. Accordingly, the production team synthesized a caricature of Emperor Seong and announced that Rio Jun-ieol was Emperor Seong.

Although Song Joong-gi and Riu Jun-ieol were discovered to be the identities of Ji Seok-jin and Emperor Sung-seong, the fun on the blind test did not decline. Instead, the appearance of Ioo Jae-seok in a smuggling with the two of them to reveal his identity appeared with a bigger smile.

On the other hand, on the same day, Ioo Ya-ho (sub-character Ioo Jae-seok) announced successful candidates after the first blind test of 11 people. He said, “In fact, Lee Jeong-jae, or Do Gieong-van, was eliminated by my mistake in the first blind test.”

“Actually, the broadcast was bad at the time, but if it wasn’t for Kim Jung-min, he said it would pass,” he said.

Twelve successful candidates were divided into 4 groups of 3 and continued with the group’s mission. Among them, Kim Nam-gil, Noh Joo-hiun and Riu Yun-ieol belonged to the Uyangsan group.

Only by the decision of Ioo Ia-hoa, the successful candidates, Kim Nam-gil, Noh Joo-hiun and Rio Yun-ieol sang Sweet Sorrow’s song ‘No matter how much I thought about you’. All three showed their extraordinary skills over time by loosening their throats earlier. In particular, the song Joo-Hiun Riu, Joon-Ieol Riu raised his thumb saying: “That person has a singing license.” Yoo Ya-ho also said, “Strong lead vocalist Woo Yang San Jo.”

However, while the three people sang “No matter how much I think of you”, Noh Joo-Hiun showed a negative departure and was sad. As a result, Ioo Yaho chose Rio Jun-ieol to give up.

The identity of Rio Jun-ieol, who discovered his face, was Carder Garden. Yoo Ya-ho said, “Is this our Carder Garden?” And he said, “I reject Carder Garden.” Carder Garden said, “I wasn’t good at this song,” he said.

Hae-il Park, Joong-ki Song and Johnny Depp belonged to the Suraksan group mission. The three of them sang along with Vibe’s song ‘Even though I hate’. Among them, Song Joong-ki was already known as Yi Seok-jin. Yi Suk-yin also embarrassed Persecution by pulling the rhythm while singing a certain song. Yoo Ya-ho burst out laughing in Yi Suk-jin’s rap part, making even the audience laugh.

Ioo Ia-ho chose Johnny Depp to leave after listening to the song Surak San Jo. Johnny Depp was the actor Ha Do-kwon. Ha Do Kwon recently played the role of a licorice in ‘Penthouse’. Ha Do-kwon responded with a cold reaction, saying, “I really enjoyed getting ready.”

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