Thursday , February 9 2023

"Shima Seok-hee’s “deliberate allegations of collision” require an investigation" (2021.110.12 / 5MBC news) – MBCNEVS


  1. “Request for Investigation into Shima Seok-hi’s” Deliberate Collision “(2021.110.12 / 5MBC News)MBCNEVS
  2. Choi Min-jung’s page “Please clarify the allegations of a deliberate collision with Shima Seok-hi” … request for fact-findingiunhap news
  3. [자막뉴스] Pyongyang Olympics “this scene” … Shim Seok-hi, late storm / ITNITN News
  4. Shim Seok-hi’s “Controversial Collision Controversy” Re-examined, “Let’s Go to Dinner Together” … “I Stepped on Vinyl”Top Star News
  5. Shim Seok-hee “It’s not a deliberate collision” … Separation from the national teamKBS News
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