Friday , June 2 2023

Sudden Attack opens a new folder & # 39; Outlet & # 39; and runs Park Jun-hiung character (IT / Science)


(Seoul = NSP Telecom) Lee, reporter Bokhieon Nekon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) added a new map of the mission to destroy online FPS games: Sudden Attack & # 39; Park, Joon-hiung.

First, the new folders are designed to be large scale stores that are familiar to people in their everyday life. They can enjoy playing in a wide and complex space. The map is divided into favorable rifles and sniper rifles, so you can play a detailed strategy.

Maps are also available in Rank 4 all season 4, which automatically matches users with similar skills.

In addition, Park Jun-hiung, which has recently been active in various entertainment programs, appears as a sign of a sudden attack. Park Joon-hiung character is divided into red and blue camps, and has three new emotional expressions and character effects.

Nekon will pay 3 pre-tickets in real time as soon as it receives a new set of characters (7 days or 50 days) to mark the launch of a new character and provides up to 500 SP when buying a number.

If you get a different character except Park Jun-hiung, Mak-11 (IS), G18 (S) and BAUM! Animation title, 5000 SP exchange, etc., or the right to participate in the prize will be paid immediately.

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