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The changes that the "Summit Wars" brought … e-sport, lives in the hand


October World Finals & # 39; SVC (Summers World Vorld Championship) 2018 & # 39; was held at the Sangam OGN Stadium in Seoul. As a fan of fans, the stadium was full and took it with a hot fever. With the rapid development of the e-sport market globally, mobile games are attracting attention as a new generation player that will in the future lead the development of e-sport.

■ The future of global e-sport depends on mobile games

Com2uS & # 39; SVC 2018 & # 39; success on three continents
Live broadcast finals of 130,000 simultaneous enthusiasm
Gameville & # 39; Perfect Inning & # 39; competition for mobile devices
The "Bug Mobile Street" audience is only 70,000
Now mobile games are also enjoyed as an e-sport.

This year, E-Sports made a major milestone. At the Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, it was adopted as a demonstration sport, and the stadium was upgraded. LoL Park and the Motos Arena were built. Earth programs also began to pay attention to the content of e-sport. He grew up as a young generation culture.

According to a survey by the American market in Nevzhou, the world market for e-sports is expected to reach $ 960 million by 2020 (about 1 trillion won), which will exceed $ 1.4 billion by 2020.

In this changing environment, another significant trend this year is the increase in mobile games. In the meantime, e-sport has become the main PC game program. However, this year the attention was drawn to the competitions held with mobile games. As mobile becomes a platform that plays a major role in the consumption of the game, it is expected that these trends will become even greater in the future.

The most prominent of the competition for mobile games held this year is the "Summers World Championship Championship (SVC) 2018". "SVC" was held for two years in a row and it was divided into three continental cups from July to the Asian-Pacific Cup, the American Cup and the European Cup. More than 26,000 people from 70 countries applied for a qualification. At the World Finals held at the OGN Stadium in Seoul, in Sangam, in October, 1300 visitors from the country and abroad gathered. Worldwide Live Broadcast exceeded 130,000 simultaneous connections, which is 53% more than last year. After the game, it exceeded the cumulative million of views on the official YouTube channel.

Gamel's brother also caused e-sport. In September, a tournament in the MLB for mobile e-sports "2018 MLB Perfect Inning e Sports Series" was held. About 250 spectators came to the OGN e stadium. "I hope MLB eSports will be a global event, starting with this tournament," said Jamie Reese, senior vice president of MLB for the prize.

Mobile Street Challenge site of the popular mobile game & # 39; Battle Ground.

Hot is the enthusiasm of e-Sports Battleground Mobile, a mobile version of the Battleground, which attracts attention as a new e-sport event. KT 5G Battleground Mobile Street Challenge, the first official public tournament, will be held on October 12, 2010, with a total of 110 million vans.

In the first week of the competition there were more than 70,000 visitors. Especially in the 18th place in Busan, BEKSCO G-Star will host the Korea team. Selected Korean representatives will be able to participate in the global finals held in Dubai from December 29th to December 1st.
Not just in Korea. Interest in mobile e-sport is increasing abroad. Typical games are Supercell's "Classi Roial" and Tencent's "Prince Ioung Io". In the case of Prince Ioung Ioo, he recently launched the Korean League.

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