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The Ji-soo Park is gradually developing, Vill Voori Bank is becoming front line: Sports Chosun


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Cheongju KB Zvijezda "revenge" dreams mature. In the center is the Ji-soo Park, which gradually reveals its true colors over time.

2018 ~ 2019 Voori Bank Women's professional basketball looks to become more and more difficult with a 'twin composition' from the beginning of the opening. As the strongest player to challenge seven consecutive champions, Asan Voori Bank and KB lost in the championship last year continue their unanimous march in the first round. KB is the first in the league with 3 consecutive victories of up to 13, and Voori Bank is second with 2 wins unbeaten.

Although the first round has not yet ended, these two teams are expected to continue this momentum during the season. This is because the difference in skills with other teams is remarkable. Even if the system of foreign players has changed, the Japanese gap between the teams is not diminished at all. So, it is expected a scenario where two teams meet in the championship.

In the end, KB is the only opponent that stops Voori Bank's seventh championship title. KB is also determined to pay for a bad result last year. A proud conflict between the two teams that will run during the season seems to be a great attraction for a women's professional basketball. The first round is scheduled for 16 days.

But before the first match, KB is becoming more and more fake. Park Ji-soo, which has the key to demolishing Voori Bank, restores self-confidence and self-confidence while playing the game.

Park Ji-soo failed to show off his skills in the home game match against Iong, Samsung Life on April 4th. It was 37 minutes and 24 seconds but 10 rebounds, 4 points and 1 assist. He managed to pull off, but he was too weak on the attacking side. Compared to the average of the last season of 35 minutes and 9 seconds per match, he scored 14.23 points in 12.89 rebounds and his first game was significantly slow.

Seventh, Incheon Shinhan Bank recorded 10 rebounds and 10 points and 5 assists in 29 minutes 48 seconds. He showed some improved score in terms of scoring. Park Ji-soo sang after the game and said, "It looks better." As a result, on July 11, a third game was revealed against OK Savings Bank. In 37 minutes and 40 seconds, he scored 16 rebounds, 12 points and 10 assists, making it the first triple debut season.

Park Ji – performance improvement sat down a great plus for the power of KB. In particular, Voori Bank is expected to work more efficiently. Voori banka has small domestic players. They are thus exposed to the fighting in the second quarter, where foreign players can not get out. Park Ji-soo is likely to play a big role in the second quarter. If Park Ji-soo shows its appearance at the OK Savings Bank, KB will be able to make a strong urgency this season.

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