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The ninety-ninth highest peak in … Neoviz launches a fully equipped PC room (IT / Science)


(NISE: NSP), the Korean branch of Epic Games, is developing a service called "Port Knight", which has attracted the attention of the world's largest simultaneous users, over 8.3 million.

Last February, when 132,000 global simultaneous users exceeded 3.4 million, Fortnight was just over a year with a weekly update to give players a new experience in the game, Starting with Cube events, exceeded the maximum number of concurrent users by 8.3 million, which makes it the largest number of concurrent users in the history of the game.

In addition, Epic Games has announced that today's PC service for rooms with Neovizo is open (8th). We wrote the official launch of Fortnight, which we prepared at the G-Star 2018 Previev Epic Games event, which was held on the last day, and announced the opening of the PC game service on November 8th.

Players who enjoy Fort Knight in the Neoviz computer room for full service offer many benefits. First, you can perform a challenge mission for a PC room consisting of a total of 8 steps. The PC room challenge room, which can only be performed in a PC room, can be rewarded with V-Bucks, Battle Stars, KSP, etc. For each mission, as well as for those who achieve all 8 missions, a parachute path is provided.

In total, six hundred weeks from August 8 to December 19, there will be a total of 100 million valuable PC room prizes of 100 million KRVs and 600 V buks, leather bags, or "Summit Striker Pack", which includes Summit Fighter Skins instead of Ace Skins.

If you make a photo of the Fortnight logo in a PC room and upload it to the SNS, you will also receive a PC event certification, which will reward GeForce GTX 1070Ti, Nev iPad, BenK Monitor and PlaiStation 4 Pro through a lottery each week.

Finally, in order to celebrate the launch of PC game services, events for all Korean portable nightgames are also held. Players who release three mini-games (shooting, construction, obstacles) in the playground mode for 2 weeks from November 8 will be offered a prize for launching the Pieongchang Hero and the Dangdong Chimingon Glider, exclusive items for Korea. V-bucks will be paid to users who have already purchased the item, and for existing Knight Port subscribers, 300 V will be charged for the above-mentioned approval.

In the meantime, a trailer for starting the racing service Chris Pratt, which became popular all over the world, was also announced. Hollywood actress Chris Pratt, who in Korea liked Guardian's series Galaki and Jurassic War: The Fallen Kingdom, will show her pride on Korean players through video and competition in a PC room against the world. And he encouraged him to play the port. Epic Games will continue to release the main trailer of Chris Pratt.

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