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The presidential approval was reduced by 55.4% · · · for 6 consecutive weeks


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – President Roh Moo-Jin's resolution for the National Assembly fell for the sixth consecutive year with a fall of 55.4 percent from the previous week.

The survey of Real Metric Corporation cbs surveyed 2503 voters over 19 years of age and older at the state level 5 to 9 in 12th place, published on 5th week of October 5th (95% confidence level, sample error ± 2% p, 7.4%), 55.4% of the respondents said that Mr. Moon works well in the administration.

An incorrect estimate they said were wrong 38.3% (very bad 22.9%, wrong 15.4%), an increase of 0.8% compared to last week. Unknown and non-respondents increased by 1% p to 6.3%.

The approval rate, which ended at 55.9 percent in the first two days of the day, slightly increased to 56.6 percent on the first day of the first meeting of the permanent council. On the sixth day of presidential revision of the presidential office, it was reduced to 55.9 percent and fell to 54.3 percent on the seventh day of the announcement of high-level talks in North America and the revision of the National Pension Plan.

On September 8, when comprehensive dust reduction measures were released, this dropped to 56.1%. However, the nine-year-old news of "economic toughness" fell to 55.7% and stayed stable in the range of 50%.

Real Meter, on the contrary, said: "Controversy over the reform of the national pension system and the simultaneous replacement of deputy prime minister and president of the presidential office of the presidential office of the presidential office, as well as on the other hand," said the researcher.

In case of support for the party, the Democratic Party recorded a fall of 40.7% compared to the previous week by 0.6% p. Followed by the Liberal Democratic Party (20.7 percent), the Justice and Development Party (8.4 percent), the Real Future (7.3 percent) and the Party of Democratic Peace (2.6 percent).

Details can be found on RealMetera's website and the Central Board for the Review of Public Opinion.

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