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The Red Planet `Scout` MRO returns to Mars 60,000 times

13 km / h, one mile in 112 minutes, 3.4 km / sec

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) returned to orbit about the 60th orbit of the 15th century.
March 10, 2006, after entering the orbit of Mars, 3.4 km / s.

It was not just an unconditional turn, but it measured the atmosphere and state of the surface on a daily basis and sent it to Earth with "HiRISE"; a camera that can identify a table-sized object about 300 km above the ground. That's 361 terabytes.

The satellite also took over rovers and landers, including the Curiosity, which is active on the surface of Mars, and passed it to a deep-space earth antenna, which would exceed 1 terabyte by the end of this month.

In addition to the MRO, Odyssey, NASA's longest satellite and MAVEN, which explored the Mars atmosphere, are active on Mars's orbit, and the MRO generally transmits data with Kiurio Citi. Odyssey is in charge of transmitting the InSight geological probe, and Maven helps to maz 2020 land in February 2021.

These satellites watched the entire planet, including dust storms, across Mars, as opposed to areas that the rover or lander could observe.

These satellites also play the role of a "black box" in which future probes look for a landing place and document the actual landing process.

The OSP participated in seven research missions over the past 13 years, and three times in the final landing.

The number of photos taken by the OSP was 378,000.

Dr. Dan Johnston of JPL, who is in charge of the OSP project, said that "the OSP provided scientists and the public with a new perspective on Mars." "We've collected enough data for more than a decade to build and test hypotheses about how Mars will transform and sustain in the future," said Dr Leslie Tampee, a leading scientist.

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