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Three of the five Australian trophies – Ben Tuho's Football A matches –


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Ben Tuo Ho will go for his first time this time since his inauguration. Australia will have two friendly matches with Australia (17th) and Uzbekistan (20th) on an Australian expedition. Paulo Bentou, the coach of the Korean national football team, has three checkpoints and comes on December 12th.

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▶ Attack-oriented style

Bentou won 2 wins and 2 unsolved in four friendly games over the past two months since his departure as captain in Korea. Costa Rica (2-0), Uruguay (2-1), Chile (0-0) and Panama (2-2). The color of the band Ben Tuo Hoa, which was revealed in the last four games, was in full swing. I used a duel (double defender) as the basic frame for hitting. It was an attack game. I pulled the left and right holes in half or more and used the stadium widely. I often used the side and emphasized the backside. Experts say: "The speed at which Ben Tu Ho plays is very fast." Bentu expects to improve his maturity while retaining the basic framework of his two-year match in Brisbane, Australia.

▶ A new facial adjustment test

In November there was a lot of Tegeuk warriors on team A. (Newcastle), Lee Jae-sung (Holstein Keel), Jung Voo-ioung (Al Sadd), Lee Seung-voo (Hellas Verona) and Kim Mun-hwan (Defender). There is no defender of Chang Hiun-soo (FC Tokyo) recently disciplined by the Football Association of Korea.

In fact, I travel to Australia as a member of the 1.5 army. Bentou added new attacker Lee Chung-ionga (Bochum) to Nijang Hoa (Guwang) Gujar Chul (Augsburg) and Kim Jung Min (Rippering) defender Kwon Kiungvon (Tianjin Cheonan) and Ii Hiun (Jeonnam). The Korean national will decide on the most competitive reserve players by experimenting with the new face in front of the Asian Cup in January. Lee Chung-iong can play the opening of the left and right side of Son Heung-min, and Koo Jae-cheol can play as the middle player for Ki Sung-ionga. Ieong-gun, Na-Sang-ho, Kim Jung-min and Kwon Kiung-von, will have fierce competition. It's a survival requirement for Bentoo to quickly adapt to the football he wants.

▶ Reduce recovery speed

Australia and Uzbekistan, which Korea will play against this time, are competitive teams that can win the Asian Cup. Australia is struggling with the benefits of the room. Uzbekistan has good strength and strength, and the defensive force is not bad. Australia ranked 42nd in FIFA rank, and Uzbekistan ranked 94th. Korea is 53nd.

Ben Toulon is expected to play a better test for the Asian Cup in the UAE next January. Bentu has no choice but to be interested in his first trip with Taeguku warriors. Your game was not bad. However, hosting is still a sign of the issue. There are only two days between Australia and Uzbekistan. You can also check how a short rest period will affect the player's recovery. This expedition could be a good experimental phase in front of the Asian Cup.

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