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4 Tips for getting flawless images in low light


When they come on holidays, evenings become darker, but during a public holiday, each of us wants to make a beautiful picture with festive or urban decorations.

It seems that darkness is not a great selfish or friend of natural landscapes, but there is no reason for excitement – it's realistic to put patience to get high-quality images in low light. Huavei experts have collected four tips to get glamorous images in low light.

Extend the exposure time

If you are embarrassed after hearing the word "exposure time", you should not worry because the term "exposure" is often used by photographers simply means the total amount of light that came to the camera sensor at the time of the recording. Changing the exposure time can also change the brightness of the photo, so, normally, when shooting in low light, the exposure time should be expanded, as it helps to get better images.

Night is also the best time to experiment with light in photography – so unusual things like cars, city lights, or holiday salutes can turn into magical light lines or bright points of light in the sky. The latest smartphone makers thought they should not be disturbed by changing time, for example, the Master AI image recognition function built into Huawei's Mate 20 Pro smart phones can detect up to 1500 different scenarios in 25 categories, including holiday greeting messages. Therefore, when shooting an image, artificial intelligence will help optimize the color of the photo and thus save time needed to adjust the exposure time.

It uses the image stabilization function

Taking pictures in low light conditions is always a challenge, because when an object is being shot or the photographer's hand turns, the image becomes blurred. For this reason, taking a low-light photo always looks for a solid support surface or a telephone booth.

One of the solutions that will solve unnecessary effort is the photo stabilization feature. For example, the AI ​​Image Stabilization feature that is embedded in the Huawei Mate 20 series allows you to capture crisp images in low light conditions, while using Night Mode, you can even contrast high contrast images so that the images are smooth without flicker.

Use natural light

Although the picture is usually better if there is a lot of light, it's important to keep in mind that the flash should be particularly careful. Since the source of light comes from a specific, small point, human skin on photos with a bright flash may look unnatural. This is due to the fact that the color of the flash differs from the color of the blend of the environment. Therefore, when shooting in low light, try using the available ecological lighting. If someone is taking pictures, try to set it so that the light falls on his face and you always remember that even the slightest change in the light can have a significant impact on the end result.

For better imaging, Huavei experts recommend using the Master AI function to match the most appropriate lighting to make the image as natural as possible. The 1500 different scenarios available on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro are optimized to fit a set of parameters, so for example, capturing images of the sky, the MI will set the blue sky scene and increase the saturation of the color to make the sky impressive as well as Huavei's portrait photography. The Master AI built-in phone will help you find the most suitable camera settings so that the portrait fits perfectly into the dark.

Do not be afraid to be creative

Darkness can prevent impeccable illumination of images, but with creative and abstract access photos, the results can be really fantastic! For example, exposure and colorful image contrast can be extremely surreal. When you take photos, you must take into account shapes and colors that can be isolated on a dark background – they will make the images mysterious and incredible in the eyes.

Creative photographs can also be taken with the above exposure time – longer exposure time helps to freeze moving objects, creating different illusions, for example, a moving person can be photographed with both legs raised and as if hanging in the air or using a flashlight in the air You can write different words, for example, the desire for Latvia for a hundred years!

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