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Ancillari Food Specialist Anna Rozite: We take a little vitamin D – a beautiful and healthy woman


"Vitamin D is very important for the functioning of the human body – it promotes bone and muscle functions, strengthens teeth, creates a normal immune system, and engages in cell division. We can get vitamin D with products that contain it, but it is very small and should Eat 15-30 yolks or 1.5 kg of Swiss cheese to get 600 II vitamin D, so it is usually recommended to take dietary supplements, "explains NUTRILITE™ nutritionist Vladislav Barzilovich.

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Human body Vitamin D can also produce sun exposure. In theory, staying for about 30 minutes in an intense sunlight without sunscreen provides the required daily intake of vitamins. Unfortunately, various factors prevent us from taking vitamins – in the northern part of the sun the sun is not strong enough to promote skin synthesis and increase the amount of vitamin D. Ozone layer and weather influences influence the availability of the Sun. Lifestyle factors – office work, moving time.

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Anna Rozite, an expert in nutrition in an event manager and a healthy lifestyle, says: "Since sunny days are less frequent in our latitudes, this vitamin is mostly taken by sun rays. We do not create our own vitamin D, so it's important to eat it food and dietary supplements, I regularly perform vitamin D levels and invite others to do it because vitamin D is very important for our health. "

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In order to promote the importance of vitamin D in the body, on November 7 in Riga, in a restaurant MUCH STEEL It was happening in the new one NUTRILITEPresentation of vitamin D, which was visited by a blogger of beauty and healthy nutritionists, was attended by Indra Salcevich, Laura Valuta, Elizabeth Gorin, Ilze Likum and others. In an informal atmosphere at the breakfast table, the specialist spoke about the risks and symptoms of lack of vitamins in the body and ways of increasing the level of vitamins in the body.

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