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Dirty Prize for Dirty Covenants for Foreign Theatrical Experts Night Knife 2018 | Press releases


Dirty Prize for Dirty Covenants for Foreign Theatrical Experts Night Night 2018.

November 6, 2018

The information was prepared by Unine Preisa, the coordinator of the Creative Learning Project LTDS.

On November 5, at the hotel ART HOTEL LAINE, a final discussion on "Night of the Night of 2018" was held, in which foreign theater experts shared the impressions of the Latvian theater. During the slip (from November 1 to 4), the foreign side watched a total of 9 nominations for "Night of the Match 2017/2018" in various categories, from where they chose their favorite – Dirti Deal Theater shov "Soul Utenis" (dramatist Justine Klava, director Inga Tropa)

The discussion expressed opinions:

theater scientist Ruta Mazeikiene (Lithuania)

Dramaturg Mirjam Kičinov (Slovakia)

theater researcher Tatjana Zelmanova (Belgium)

Eugene Shermenev (Russia), producer of art events

director and theater critic Richard Petifer (Germany).

Moderator of the discussion: Lauma Mellena-Bartkevicha. Discussion (in English) available here:

https: //

The summary of the discussion in the Latvian language will be published in the current theater proceedings at KRODERS.LV.

Thank you for supporting the show – the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the portal DELFI.LV, the Goethe Institute, the Latvian Theaters.

Organized by the Alliance of Latvian Theatrical Workers.

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Additional information:

Undine Preis

LTDS creative project project coordinator


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