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EVENING NEVS. The virtual environment is powered by the video Dustballs – Evening Nevs

Latvian basketball superstar Kristaps Porzins, who currently represents the Dallas Mavericks NBA, after leaving New York, has experienced a number of hurdles that unfortunately undermine his good public image and create additional headaches for herself. At this moment, the media are pushing new and worrying news of bloody porzins' fights in his native Liepaja.

The virtual environment is sparked by scandalous videos

In the evening of May 12, a social media video showed that NBA basketball player Kristaps Porzinsis entered a bloody clash in the streets of Liepaja. The basketball player's head was in the blood and his white shirt was crushed. The video shows that Pigeon Gui will make a statement with a man and a woman trying to comfort him. American media publish material for a long time. The media mentioned that even metal chairs were used in the battle.

Porchiters in their native Liepaja beaten with chairs

After the conflict, audio material was leaked into the Internet environment, where Porzingis transmitted the events since May 12th. We quote an audio material that reflects Porzine's direct speech and does not change anything in it: "I, Karoče, I fell there. He shot me first. And then I left and started to return. Then, for a moment, bugs appear. One immediately held mine. Two soldiers were immediately laid down by some soldiers (residents of Liepaja Karosta). Then the way it goes. One with a target table. I hit my head. Another for my chum. Several of these chairs fluttered there. And then again. Then I caught him one by one, postponed and normally broke it. But somehow they pushed me there. Then I rush. Back to your shoulder. And then one of them hit me on the forehead. His whole face is bloody. But all the same, everything is different. Hacked the bell.

A police comment on what happened

"There was no concrete call to the municipal police in Liepaja. The state police sent a message to launch an investigation. I can quote the information that the state police sent to the mass media and we received: "12. Mai Mai 4:51 am It was a call to the conflict on the Life Street. Arriving at the venue, it was determined that several people were in conflict. And it was seen that people were suffering. Two were given for a medical examination. Despite the fact that at that time, the victims left the police intervention. So far, the state police have not received any complaints from involved in the conflict, nor about the injuries sustained. That's why the state police have launched a personal check to find out the reasons for the conflict and the circumstances that have occurred, "said Kaspars Varpins, a spokesman for Liepaja Municipal Police in an interview with" Vecernje Novosti ".

A man attacks from the poor district of Liepaja

The conflict continued near the newly discovered "Cukurfabrik" nightclub in Liepaja, which is currently located on the premises of the former 1st rocking house. We contacted Cukurfabrik's representative to explain the events of May 12th. "I can confirm that this happened on May 12th. This happened exactly when the club was faced. In short, I'll tell you that Kristaps just went home and was attacked by a man near the poor district of Liepaja. Kristaps Porzinsis was thrown into this conflict and it was not his deliberate choice. The guards were there and saw what happened. I will not learn to comment on whether this information is true about Kristap's broken arm, "says the club's representative.

The failure of Porziga began after leaving New York

Today, media negatives in New York City and the fanfare of city cities, originally dedicated to Christophe, when he chose Dallas "Mavericks" instead of Knicks in New York, are just a boyfriend in terms of scandal and rape in Liepaja. However, there is a feeling that when they leave New York, Porzegers begin to pursue a failure. Shortly after Kristaps joined Dallas's "Mavericks", a woman in the media said she was a basketball player neighbor, Porzergis said she raped on February 7, 2018, calling her apartment after the New York Knicks. against Milwaukee's Bucks, suffered a severe knee injury. That woman came up with such information at the end of March this year, because Kristaps did not pay her $ 68,000 (60,600 euros) for her silence. The scandal undermined the public image of the players and was even worried that it could drag a brave trail in the career of basketball players. However, the new Mavericks and NBA team was on the side of the player.

In the meantime, on the morning of May 12, the name of Christophe Porzins came to life again, because his bloody quarrel was played in his native Liepaja. Like the rape scandal, Christapas in Liepaja is the one who is attacked and he deliberately does not want to interfere. However, problems are being haunted by him, which is, for the foreign media, who are not turning towards the players, just like the sweet food that additionally detrimental to Porzin's reputation. Dallas Club "Mavericks" is also on the side of Porzins, explaining that the Russian basketball player was attacked.

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