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From € 69,900 – new BMV Ks5 reaches Latvia (+ VIDEO)

The new fourth generation BMV Ks5 comes in Latvia and is already available at BMV dealers. The price is from 69 900 euros for the base version.

The Ks5 model represents 25% of all new BMV cars sold in Latvia.

The fourth-generation model has grown in size, in all dimensions. It is now 4.93 m long (+36 mm), 1.75 m high (+19 mm) and 2.04 m wide (+66 m), but the base point is about three meters (2.98 m). The capacity of the trunk is 650 liters, with the rear seat lowered – 1860 liters.

Comfort comes with new multifunctional seats, panoramic roof, heating and cold functions, comfort lighting, 1500V Bovers and the Vilkins Diamond Surround audio system, a 10.2-inch touch screen entertainment system, transparent glass "decor", special Effectively looks like a central console and a lever for the choice of mode. For an additional fee, a third row of seats can be ordered, which turns the Ks5 into a seven-seat vehicle.

The front of the control device is a 12.3-inch numeric meter that connects to the screen of a multimedia system of the same size. You can use the controller, iDrive controller, touch screen, voice control and motion control to control your functions.

The Ks5 is available with LED, pneumatic suspension (for bonus) that allows you to lift a bodywork by 30 mm, rear rear wheels on the rear, Driving Assistant Professional with parking assistant and a system that alerts you to the rear and rear obstacles, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, an active trolley maintenance assistant with a avoidance function in case of a potential collision, automatic brakes and a system that automatically reduces speed in case of loss of driver's ability to work (unconsciousness, heart attack, etc.) and puts a car abundant on the edge of the roadway.

The engine only offers six-cylinder assemblies. The BMV k5 kDrive40i crossover will be equipped with 340 hp (450nm) petrol engines, and the BMV Ks5 kDrive30d gets a diesel engine that develops 265hp (620Nm) with four turbines. Both engines meet Euro 6 emissions standards and eight speeds of the automatic transmission.

On the US market, the K5 has a V8 petrol engine of 462 horsepower (650 Nm).


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