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Harmful lung cancer – which is indicative of it and how to reduce the risk of illness


High temperature, shortness of breath, nausea, cough – these symptoms, which develop very rapidly at the outset, are characteristic of lung cancer. Similarly, acute illness is indicated by the fact that the conditions in the home do not exceed a few days, but inflammation of the lungs which is not susceptible can lead to a fatal outcome. Ieva Zvagule, a pharmaceutical company "Euroapteka", explains why long lasting cough should be taken very seriously and how to avoid dangerous pneumonia.

"Cough, chills, high temperatures up to 40 degrees, headaches and chest pain, which will intensify during deep breathing – these symptoms that do not disappear within a few days may indicate that the apparent cold is actually a lyre and does not meet normal cough In the case of lung cancer, it is necessary to seek medical help because the only way to heal these diseases is to have antibiotics. Of course, there are certain cases in which a person with strong immunity can not have symptoms, the disease progresses easier and the body but it can not be relied upon, warns Ivy Zvagule, adding – if the disease is not responsible, its consequences can be fatal, especially for children, the elderly and patients with chronic illness.

Only lung should be grown

In the autumn, when it's cold and moist, it activates different viruses, leading to respiratory and lung disease diseases more often than in other seasons. Lung cancer is often a complication of colds, bronchitis, or other diseases, mainly due to pneumococcal bacteria that are constantly on the airway mucous membranes. Although most people experience complications without colds, they should not be treated lightly.

Pneumonia is one of the most common diseases people suffer from all ages. Carcinogen lung is also the home of healthy microflora, but under favorable conditions it is rapidly breaking up and causing lung inflammation. "With every breath, a large amount of microorganisms are released into the human body. Inflammation occurs when one of the respiratory protective devices does not function properly, or the number of microorganisms in this case is too high, but the immune system is too weak to fight them , "explains the pharmacist. These microbial focal points are also untreated teeth, extremities, nasal sinuses, and other inflammatory sources. Special risk groups are smokers whose lungs are already forced to withstand heavy loads. Therefore, they remind the pharmacists that their health must be constantly worried. Cough syrup will not help the stomach with stubborn tonsils, which in turn can lead to further inflammation in the body.

What can and should not be done by thanking the lungs

The most common symptom of lung cancer is cough, but this is not always the case. Similarly, in the case of lung cancer, it is likely that the body temperature will increase from 37.5 to 40 and even more degrees. If this is a normal virus, the temperature will pass or be minimized within four to five days. If this does not happen, medical assistance must be sought. Your doctor will prescribe X-ray and blood tests for the determination of C-reactive protein, which is usually evidence of bacterial inflammation and applies antibiotic therapy.

But there are things that can be done at home in order to move faster. Pneumonia is a disease that needs to be restarted, but not necessarily in the hospital. If a person feels normal and the temperature is not very high, you can stay at home. In any case, it is advisable to walk around the house from time to time because the lungs are less well ventilated in the position of the lesion. The lungs can be sprayed, for example, when blowing balloons, helps to get rid of sputum and does not allow you to catch you, but it's best to do it when the person is a little better. Breathing exercises can also be performed several times in succession by inhalation and exhalation. Make sure you use a lot of fluids to remove as much as possible from the body any excess – normal water and herbal teas, cranberry mug and other natural substances that we normally use when we are cold.

However, what can not be under any circumstances is the warming of the inflamed sites. In the case of a kidney, forget the mustard patches, because heating can contribute to the creation of a stick.

You better not get sick

In order not to become cold, it is very important to timely strengthen the immunity, using a full and rich vitamin child and improving natural immunity such as cranberries, garlic and other valuable natural reward. If necessary, you can enrich your diet with a complex of vitamins, various vitamins and nutritional supplements that enhance immunity can be bought in pharmacies. Be sure to get enough fluids – this is important not only in summer heat, but also in regular meals, regular physical activity and a lot of fresh air.

Ieva Zvagule recalls: "It's important to keep in mind the old, good truths – it's not recommended during the time of the virus to stay in public places and attend mass events, but it's advisable to regularly ventilate rooms, wear appropriate weather conditions and wash your hands. If you , however, become ill, proper ventilation of the object It is mandatory! If you have a cold, it is better to stay home for several days and return to health than to behave like a hero, coughing and kicking in school or work, becoming complicated and meeting with others . "

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