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I learned to go without a hand – an interview with Mairi Briedis


Fighting the Miriam was a great fight against Mikaelan because he had to live with the pain, both on the blows, and when he received them. However, he managed to win after points 116: 110, 115: 111, 114: 112. True, after the fight, many did not consider this score as just, but the outcome did not change – Mrt fell to the VBSS semifinals and won the diamond belt of the World Council for the Council (VBC). The next opponent Bridima will be Polis Kisvofs Glovackis.

This fight is just one of the facts Deer was involved last year. In summer, he stopped working with his promoter Alois Siste or Albert Husur, who then tried to hold a ruthless repression campaign. During a conversation with the Delphi portal, Deer said about past struggles, the difficulties he had, the scandals, and the near and far future.

Damaged hands, broken nose and uneven drum membranes

How long after the fight must be completely renewed from all the fighting?

It depends on what kind of fight it was. Silver cures after two days. After this fight, the back burns more pain, although there should be no problem.

This kind of "dirty" somehow this time once whined against Mikhailov.

Yes, although the judge's ring was very well known and tried to fight against Mike Taison (Guardalupe Garcia). This time, some remarks were not made when it was needed. As it is, it is. Once he was deprived of the purpose, but at that moment he might have thought the mission was complete. So he could drop it.

Have you been able to find out why this fight was so serious?

Before the fight, I plan to hold my left hand, because my right arm is broken. Rehabilitation after these bone operations, including bone grafting, lasted for six months. I started to break this arm a month later. I sent a video doctor where I crossed the field and said that it was not possible. Asking things like flower glands that came from different parts of the world, we made various procedures for treating your arm. The root of the saddle is as much as it cures. On the one hand, I held a session with a big emphasis on my left hand, but the third week was a good thing and I hurt my left hand. A retractable hand divided into hooks on the other side. And all. I had no more, with which I can not turn my right hand, now with the left is the same. Even before that, I beat the bumps, so I could not go to the pool and "expand" the lungs. We tried to change something, but nothing better than the pool because it can relax and "rinse" the lungs. That's why my breath was a bit shallow. And then, last weekend in training, I broke my nose. I mean, "Wow, what is it?" The cow lasted all the time. As you saw, blood was running less in battle, because the "cutman" worked very well. All this was a big challenge for me and my team.

Given all of these circumstances, is it safe to not move?

In general, it would be better not to throw away and postpone the fight, and then, after a few months, when traumas are worse, climb into the circle. Well, the bumps and nose are not seriously injured, but the elk of the injured elk took away much from what we were preparing. Since this is a boxing supermarket, the reserve would be ready to take my place. There is a choice of survival – if you can not, be free and go walking. We stand on foot – after the boxers from Latvia with our small market, in pieces there are no comrades so good and we could see what happened to Russian boxers during the first overhead – it was impossible to talk about any serious battle with all the big market, because All Cream she was on the tournament so that staying without a supersquine meant that she would lose more than one skipper. I drove, I went and it was a box. I learned to hold my hand. It is possible that someone will say that they are reservations, but that's reality. Of course, we fought before we said it was all cool. We knew that the ears of the opponent are great, because there are people around him who can take him. I understand that the fans can have questions about the performance, but why give the opponent an edge over the fight, before you say that you have to fight a boxer who can not really hit one hand with you.

He already knew that I had problems with ribs before. At one point in the fight, he began to flap the ribs, but we and Marek (Osovski) blocked their place. We also set the balls in place, fixing them so that they do not break the rod. At least that was correct.

Anything wrong before the fight could not be wrong.

Yes, I do not even want to think what could happen. This year was the hardest in my career. Also, in Russia, I was equally balanced. On the right hand I hit one blow and I started to hurt me. Probably boxing experts noticed how the trajectory, the precision and correctness of my right hand shifted – the strike is no longer like a spear pain, but now it's just to add a dot. Once upon a time, the dominant hand was in my favor – and Chel and others were slaughtered with their right hand.

God, so everything is now reinforced. The bones of the right hands are healed, now all the tissues need to be strengthened. Then you will be able to fight again

To what extent were you seriously injured with your right hand? Fighting Olexander Usik?

No, that was a long time ago. It is obvious that these problems began with the struggle against Mark Hucu, and later it was bad. This bent dog, which is my hand, should now try to correct it. Hand is healed, now everything needs to be strengthened. It should be enough time.

Did Mikaelans return to their fight?

I was hit by the fact that he constantly hit all the time. I even sat at one moment because I did not understand why I beat those blows all the time. This, however, is my health. The wallet has a vestibular appliance, which is very important for movements and everyday things.

I did not have the speed of this hand, it was a sense of freedom, because I knew if I would hit me, it would hurt me. Not because I hit, but because I'm on the spot. He constantly filled me and took energy, freedom and reaction. After shooting, I got up and could flip it.

On the other hand, it seemed that he could not get to it, because the Mikaelans kept the distance.

He held the distance, and I was too far away. I was just moving back and forth, but it was also necessary from the side. I'm at the helm, he's headed and got a lot of distance between us. Therefore, the attacks had to be rebuilt from the very beginning.

Probably with your fighting manners, you also impressed him, because Mikaelans definitely expected you to be more invasive.

I'm probably impressed. The most important thing for me was to move to hit me for him. It could get points, but I did not have a point to fly. It's like playing drums without dice.

I learned to go without a hand - an interview with Mairi Briedis

Photo: World Series Super Series

In the light of all these circumstances, what were the feelings after the fight itself?

The first senses were that I should have done it all faster, so I was completely grown up, so I could do what I could. Now I feel like I'm quarreling with arms attached. You know, it's like a dream – you want to run fast, but it will not happen, and things go very slowly. Now you feel that you have this dream. I know that I can move quickly, freely, technically, firmly, but everything was slow, through weight and severity. You need to wake up and start running really.

This is the saddest thing I did with abnormal work, exercise twice a day, five hours a day. Then there is an accident – try to hold the ice to painful places, make ultrasound, massage. Fight with one hand, massage it by starting it to accelerate the absorption of the scars and suddenly the other hand is injured. I do not know how the coaches felt, but I felt scared.

How severe was the psychological shock of this training trauma? Before that, you could not even imagine that you could be hurt in this way.

Psychologically, of course, it was difficult, but this sport is not easy. If I could not overcome her, then I would not be here. The most important thing for me now is to show good performance again, to love fans, whose good words and encouragement have given a lot of emotional power to overcome it.

After the fight, waiting for the judge's decision, what were the feelings?

The judges were Americans from VBC, VBO and Illinois with a huge experience in the wrestling world championships, top professionals. I have not seen a fight yet. Such a struggle was unacceptable to me, because I can not move. I can not tie up with complicated hands. Physically, I felt good, I would be ready to take five more rounds, but everything that happened during the preparatory phase was difficult.

After publishing the results, many experts published their data, shared their results, including influential representatives of ESPN. Such criticism has not yet provoked you.

No, it was not the case. Critics motivate me to do my job. The fact that so much struggle with all possible opinions was discussed, both experts and supporters also show that people are not indifferent to me. Helps avoid starvation.

From Ring to Chicago again in ring in Riga?

What was the daily life of Chicago? I heard you had food problems there.

Yes, in the first four days we all suffered from stomachs. The food was artificial. For example, the egg is made of powder. I was eating it and it felt like there was a brick in my stomach. We took a pulpy and oatmeal porridge. Then we found good Mexican cuisine, and this sharp food has stimulated the stomach. Problems have passed. In the evening, Mareks prepared for us, bought a multimiline boiler for pressure. He said he never cooked, but he became very tasty.

I did not specifically pass the city, but our supermarket took us to one of the tallest buildings in Chicago, where we had a photographic session on the 103rd floor. I live in a room, I went to work in the morning, then ate and slept, and then trained again. It took me ten days for me as a month. Then I realized that the prison was busy.

Compared to Arena Riga, which was the arena there?

Nothing should be compared – the difference was like day to night. In Riga, the arena is younger, the wardrobe is much more comfortable. For example, in the fight against Mother Peres, where the prices of tickets were not so fucked up, it was full of arena. The empires that ruled there were indescribable. In general, the fight was psychologically difficult because I knew it could hit a lot. He disabled Russian boxers. I remember thinking: "Fool, I have five children, who will take care of them, why should I?" When I arrived there, it felt like I had connected many electrodes and everything I put to maximum power. His emotions were always such that the ants flew over the body. Therefore, I am ready to abandon the last forces to win and to give people euphoria.

What should be done for the next fight that will be held in Riga Arena?

I can not influence it in any way, but it can affect the Zauerlands. It seems to me that I am more inclined to the fact that the fight will be held in Riga. In Poland, I do not think there will be a fight. It looks like there are more people, the market is bigger, but not the atmosphere that fans in Latvia do.

However, after the supermarket in Chicago, it's time for such an atmosphere to be organized in Riga for the fight.

Some Latvians are pushing me forward. In reality, there were not many people. There was a fight, as the supermarket sold a lot of money to American television for broadcasting rights and set a series of measures for them because it should be organized in the United States. I realized that America must live, there is a need for public work, then something can happen, but it has to be done from the very beginning of a career or a few years. I will stay in Latvia because I have a lot of work here.

Coaches, promoters and the media

It was a while ago that you were able to attract a foreign coach for your team. Do you still want to do this?

I already got a coach from Ukraine. I compared him to Dmitry, and of course, every coach has his own professionals. Every coach needs time to see the fruit. It's usually about half a year. It's the same as for the seeds you sat down. Immediately, this tomato does not grow. He must be slaughtered, well-worn, and only then grows. The coach needs to understand me, understand what he wants me to do. We fixed a lot of mistakes, but one thing is to correct it at training, but in the fight it is something else. So, this result will be with coaches Dmitry Shiholaj and Viktar Iaroshchuk. At the moment, I am satisfied with the quality of the work of trainers, everything is organized at the highest level.

What did Shoholai say about this fight?

He has already said that this will be the most difficult fight since I returned from injury and warned that this will not be psychologically easy. We knew it would be difficult, but then everything became more than three.

The fight against Glovec will be important for me and for my team and for the Latvians. The most important thing is to prepare well. Coach Dmitry has already said that the whole program is united. He could not go to Chicago for his reasons. He has already found lucrative partners. Such a relationship with me was gone from the trainer to burn his eyes. Of course, and I have to do it, that's the most important thing.

If we talk about coaches, your former coach Sandis Klein also commented that your attitude towards your training was your reason to stop training. What is your point of view?

He is the person with whom we worked and worked together. It was embarrassing to read all this because no one was perfect, and in addition, I was always in the team and had strong personalities with various views that this team created through time as one of the strongest in the world. Perhaps I made mistakes, however, I explained to him why this happened. He only saw his version. I learned that what is happening in the family is also kept in the family. So I do not want to comment anymore. It was embarrassing and painful.

I'm not saying anything about the professional field, because we worked a lot and the cooperation was great. He chose his own way. It was painful for me to leave Vasily Chernihiv, who trained me for 14 years. His contribution to the technical work was enormous. These are his fruits, this is his tree, which grows until it begins to give fruit. He was creative, gave him a non-standard technique, and I was in my father's place, but it would probably not be so far away from him. Sandis gave me physical readiness.

The best option would be if Sandis and Chernihiv could live together. They were like dogs with a cat and they could not live together. Sandi would give me physical readiness, Chernihiv would give me the technique – it would be a "bomb". Chari was already shot with him, the previous opponents also "fell". From everything I took everything positive that I could take.

After he stopped working with the Aloe Sist promoter, he had a fundamental campaign against you. What exactly happened in this situation?

Albert was my first promoter and he had the first experience with the boxer, so you can say that the plants are together. But he did a very nasty thing that's been deciphered. No athlete or person who does not respect himself will never work on such events with such a person. I was very painful because I opened this man, laid him in his family and did everything in my best conscience, but after divorce he counted me with a spoon. I do not want to talk about him anymore, because, in my opinion, this man fought against me, which is probably possible – first with a seam on his back, and then with the following public expressions.

I did not like the fact that everything he said was reading children. I think the adults understood what really is happening there. In such situations, it is necessary to act properly, not to offend me and Raimondo (Zepu – Deer Managers) and all others involved publicly. We could talk to each other, but we did not have to do it publicly. All of this was still carefully considered in one of the media – "", so I asked them to leave the open training, although they were not the journalists who wrote it.

I learned to go without a hand - an interview with Mairi Briedis

Photo: DELFI

Why, however, you decide not to put these media representatives in your training.

I am a human being, I must understand that I was tired, angry and emotion filled with all the trauma and other negative events before the battle. After that, we talked to the editor-in-chief of "" to meet and talk, so that we can squeeze our hands and forget. They then said they believed that the articles in the article would be bigger. In my opinion, about crap, or this kind of information should not be a scandal. Normal people should not be happy about other failures. I believe the scene must be a breakthrough. Only flies are in the pit of the pig. I compare it – there are two types of people – shit and bees. Only shit hit the skin in your circle, but whistle around the flowers around you. The bite is worth the job, doing its job and adding value to the bees.

I know that this website reads many young people, but there they put a video there, where after each third word there were three-dimensional names.

In these videos, a lot of criticism is set in your direction. One of the things that made you change.

I'll be in the box for 20 years. I continue to bring a red-and-white flag. If I were tired of it, then I would not do it. I can not change immediately. Ask for my team, not for someone who left the team. Могуће је да се пре такмичења променим када је стрес. Марек каже да је Маирис у облику усамљености једном. То значи да тестостерон и хормони раде у правом смеру. После тога, остајем флегматичан и миран.

Тада можете закључити да се ваш живот није значајно променио са променљивим промотером и започињањем сарадње са Сауерланд промоцијама?

У принципу ништа није остало исто. Са овим промотером смо само у пословним односима. Не као претходни кад смо се срели са породицама. Овај цео скандал ми је дао будућност као механизам одбране. Нажалост, не сви могу бити тако близу свима.

Може се рећи да је делом због навијача потписао споразум с Сауерландом и ја сам у супермаркету за другу сезону, јер ако у Арени Арени нема фантастичних битака, онда не бих био близу ономе што имам сада. Толико хвала за њих!

Ближа и будућност

Следећи противник ћеш бити Ксистоф Гловацк? Да ли је његова битка са Максимом Власовом дошла код њега? Колико уопште знаш о њему?

Борба се није могла видјети, јер сам морао да узимам допинг тестове, а ја сам се пробио са урином. Али да погледамо и анализирамо борбу. Знам да је тако швалиер и да тешко седи, али са пуно ногу остаће.

Ово је кутија, овде никад не можете знати ко ће бити припремљен. Исто тако, са мном – као да ми се фаворизује начин на који нас је ВБСС насавио, али три повреде и више се не могу хранити. Ово је спорт који треба пажљиво и правилно третирати. Такође увек помажем у веровању у Бога. То су све суђења, тако да могу схватити колико ће тешко бити крвави новац.

Религија је нешто што вам је веома близу?

Да, од детињства. Свако и сада, моје уверење у чињеницу да нисмо сами све је јачи. Такође шаљем видео и текстуалне поруке које људи траже за мене. Све ово доводи ме напријед и даје осећај сигурности. Није да заборавим на битку коју морам ићи код Бога. Сваке недеље покушавам да идем у цркву, али нисам отишао у Чикаго. Лакше и пријатније је живети, али нико не треба да присиљава вере. У тешким тренуцима, схватам да је за особу важна. Приметио сам када криза још није била, цркве су биле полу празне, што је горе било времена, цркве су биле пуне.

Које сте лекције научили из ове тешке фазе?

Могуће је да ће овај противник бити угодан за мене ако бих био "у пуној брзини". Све ово је био велики изазов за мене, тако да ме не би ослободио за следећу борбу и овај турнир. Ако желим да се мотивишем, погледат ћу ову борбу.

Након што је изгубио на Усику, Тони Булл је објавио своју каријеру. Колико дуго желите да наставите да се пењете и боре за победе?

Вољно дуго. Дала сам овом спорту живот. После тога мислим да идем да проучавам јер се не могу школовати. Имам вишу школу, али ми требају неке специфичности.

Да ли погледате професију тренера?

Не, не мислим на тренера. Мислим да ћемо имати добре тренере који ће много научити од мене, на пример, Дмитрија. Отворимо школу која ће бити под мојим надзором. Сакупљали бисмо најбоље тренере Летоније, а овај пројекат ћемо остварити не само у боксингу, већ иу спорту. Такође бих желео да променим свој менталитет и поверење у људе, јер им недостаје.

Да ли сте препознали једног од првих који вам је честитао на борби?

Мислите ли хокејиста (Раити Ивананка)? Да, препознао сам. Већ смо се срели са њим. Не разумем зашто је са мном говорио енглески, био сам изненађен.

Колико вриједности дају ВБЦ дијамантском појасу?

Велика вриједност јер је дошло с великим потешкоћама. Сада имам све ВБЦ појасеве – главни појас, сребро и балтички појас. Овај појас може се у сваком тренутку претворити у светски шампионски појас. Зависи од тога шта ће Уиск одлучити, али мислим да ће наставити да се бори у овој категорији тежине, јер се неће брзо однети с Антхони Јосхуа. Али можда … након исхода противљења Веровали, све ће бити брже. Међутим, чини ми се да ће се "удати" све више да добије више новца.

Да ли вам је освета против Усукиа и даље занимљива?

Мислим да ће бити. Бог благослови суперсију добро, исправно и здраво, онда ова борба неће издржати.

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