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Muse: Mono Bobslei is a great sport and I hope that more girls will try it – Other Sports – Sports


It has already been reported that Muse from Latvian athletes showed the best results at the first international mono-boat matches, while Lillehammer won two-quarters of places on Sunday and Monday. In Norway, new disciplines at the Olympic Games – Monoblose for Women – began in Europe at the first international trainings and competitions – which included Alija Grabuste, a funny stone from Alissa Grabusta and drowned Catherine Sirma from Latvia.

"It was a rather unpleasant sensation on the first trip, but then it was always better and more pleasant with every passing time, and in the end I could enjoy everything," Muse told the agency LETA. "At first, I did not feel good, because it was something unknown, the first time I was preparing myself and imagining what to expect, but in reality it was five times worse than previously thought. It's very tragic if you do not do something on the path, because then I consider it to be a more emotional and not a physical challenge for women, but in the end I realized that this sport is really pleasant and I hope the girls will come and try it. "

The muse said she could smile after her last trip because she had a well-developed feeling of work. Also, Latvian athletes were trained at this stage by one of the leading Latvian prosecutors of the bobsleigh Daumants Dreiskens and a representative of the International bobsleigh and skeleton federation (IBSF) and former pilot bobsleigh Gatis Gut.

"Dreiskens came with us as the main trainer and answered all the questions we asked, he was an experienced athlete, so Daumant was easy to understand and share his knowledge, which is the best, as the former pilot could say about the track, runners and all this should be done during the trip. In my opinion, this cooperation was very good, "said Muse.

Dreiskens and Ego delivered only the most important information before the competition, without exaggerating their amount.

"They did not exaggerate with the information provided, and at the very beginning Dreiskens and Gaut were said to be minimal, so that the roads would be safe and free of falls that were realized. So we finally realized more or less only the other day when we went past the training , because in reality we still did not understand what was happening to us at that time. The work was done more on the track – during the trip, "said the Latvian prison.

Also, an athlete feels that a mono-bobsled can help her hit.

"For me to shoot, I am very short for strong and explosive foot exercises because the upper body and throat are very good for me, but my legs are pretty weak, which is affected by the rupture of the crosses. However, I believe that monobobsleigh can only help and become an emotional lift, "said the athlete.

Shooting mucus is still a priority.

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