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Open Ogre Protected Dug from Riga HES 3.1 million euros / item / LSM.LV


Ogre's guard, opened with Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant, was opened by the State Office of the Ministry of Agriculture (ZMNĪ). The total cost of the project is € 3.1 million, of which € 85 million or € 2.64 million is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), while € 15 or € 0.46 million is co-financed by the state budget, according to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoW).

The Riga HES reservoir from flood risk The renovation of Ogre Dam protects 5,000 inhabitants living in the 193-hectare area affected by the flood risk of Ogre, thus promoting business development, enhancing the value and attractiveness of nature landscapes and improving the quality of life of the Ogre population.

Prior to restoration, the Ogre protection area has been operating for more than 40 years, the structural deterioration of reinforced concrete slabs exceeded 30%, deformation – 70%, asphalt concrete cover – 40%. As a result, the defense was in poor technical condition and had to renew the safe operation of the shield over the next 20 years and to protect the City of Ogre and its inhabitants from flood risks.

Photo: Ministry of Agriculture

During the reconstruction of the Ogre dam, the following major activities were carried out between July 2017 and mid 2018: repair of reinforced concrete slabs of 34,500 square meters, wet slopes of the protective cavities and parapet concreting were performed, restoration of deformation joints, restoration of protective wire, pedestrian and cycling tracks restored on the barrier. In order to ensure the availability of the environment, serpentine was built, the roof of the dam was greened and repaired.

In August, the NMPI discovered the renewed Ikšķile protected barrier at the Riga Hydropower Plant. Maintaining and restoring well-maintained national amelioration systems is a very important task since thousands of inhabitants, entrepreneurs and farmers are protected from floods, habitats and volumes, plantations and forest areas, their buildings, their equipment and households, roads, bridges and bridges in everyday life in the regions . other infrastructure, explains ZM.

NDIM continues to carry out significant projects to reduce flood risks, regain agricultural and forestry land, renovate and reconstruct state-owned hydro-engineering structures, and restore water resources of national significance. To this end, between 2014 and 2020 EUR 80 million will be devoted to State aid – EUR 43.4 million from the ERDF and EUR 36.6 million from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

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