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PHOTO, VIDEO: Confirms that the color of the airBaltic airplane corresponds to the colors of the Latvian flag


& # 8220; airBaltic & # 8221; plane in Latvian flag colors.

AirBaltic aircraft in Latvian colors flag.

Publicity photo

On November 9, 2018, airBaltic presented the unique Latvian gift in the centenary of the special red and white Airbus A220-300.

Due to the fact that after the presentation of the colors and design of the aircraft attracted a lot of attention, airBaltic wants to confirm that it was created in full accordance with the colors of the flag.

The coloring process is in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Application of the Latvian National Flag 405, which provides two flag color codes – when making a flag of the Republic of Latvia from the fabric, its lime-red color must match the colors of Pantone Tektile Color System 19-1629 TPKS or 19- 1629 TC.

On the other hand, when displaying their printed material, the following color codes are followed: Carmine Pantone 201C and Pantone Vhite.

AirBaltic confirms that according to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers "Airbus A220-300" is used in special coloring of karmic-red "Pantone 201C" and white "Pantone Vhite".

We would also like to draw attention to the fact that the tone of any color in various lighting and visual materials recorded with photographic and video equipment can be visually different from the actual tone. The color tone can be accurately assessed in natural light.

Article 17 of the Law on the State Flag states that the Latvian flag can be used for decorative purposes, with due respect. The idea of ​​an airplane airplane airBaltic aircraft is based on the theme of the flag, but the purpose of the design is not to show the static flag on the plane.

The flag motif crosses the airplane plane – its segment of the carminic red line passes to the bottom of the plane, in which the logo of the Latvian age is further depicted.

Therefore, the message from the centenary of the Latvian state will be readily legible from the ground, as the plane is growing or decreasing, emphasizes airBaltic.

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This is the first time in the history of the airline when the airBaltic plane is painted as an artwork. To create this, 15 professional painters worked 1,000 hours. In the process of coloring, a total of 250 liters of earth, paint and varnishes, a thickness of 120 microns or 0.12 mm was applied.

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