Thursday , June 1 2023

Pilot flights over Ireland saw UFOs; Aviation Authoriti launched an investigation – abroad – News


On November 9, at 6.47, a local air traffic control tower at Shannon Airport in the southwestern part of Ireland was contacted by British Airwiis, a British airline pilot.

She saw a moving object very quickly and therefore wanted to find out whether military training was taking place in that area.

The air traffic control service emphasized that military training is not taking place in an appropriate place.

The pilot of British Airways, whose plane was on its way from the Canadian city of Montreal to London, also said it was very light.

An unknown object appeared on the left side of the aircraft, but after a moment it sailed at a very high speed in the north.

An unknown flying facility was also seen by British pilot Pilot Virgin on Friday.

Speaking to Shannon Air Control Tover, he said the facility could be a meteorite.

The pilot also said there were several objects, but they were on the same trajectory and were very bright.

Pilot Virgin expressed the view that objects move at speeds that exceed the speed of sound.

In response to this information, the IAA launched an investigation.

During the investigation, neither the IAA nor the airport representatives of Shannon will give any additional comments.

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