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Prostate cancer-Paid treatment available at all stages – health


In Latvia this year, treatment options for men diagnosed with prostate cancer or prostate cancer have been significantly improved. It is therefore possible to extend the lifespan of those who have unfortunately expanded the tumor. "Young and healthy people can not imagine how important it is for men in such a situation," said Peter Vaganov, an urologist at the Clinical University Hospital of the Clinical University Hospital, Clinical University Hospital P. Stradins.

Not all men have managed to get rid of prostate cancer, but in many cases they can live with him for a long time, because cancer is a chronic disease today. In addition, from the beginning of this year, treatment with countries is available at all stages of prostate cancer. Treatments are also being developed that allow you to stay longer during and after treatment and to provide a better quality of life than was possible before. Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (SPCC) show that out of 8665 patients with prostate cancer cases registered at the end of 2017, 4.133 records have been reported for more than 5 years. If a prostate cancer has been detected, urine should be in contact with all life. It is important to continue regular monitoring of PSA (prostate specific antigen) and continue with symptoms of progression that may be associated with urinary problems, erectile problems, urinary or sperm counts, regular lower back pain or upper thighs, according to your doctor's instructions.

"This year a lot of work on the health of men in Latvia has been done: the availability of urologists has improved, new possibilities for diagnosis, treatment and observation of men affected by prostate cancer have been offered, which increases expectations for a favorable outcome," says P. Vaganov.

According to the doctor, men who are suspected of having prostate cancer using the Green Corridor, with a reference from a family doctor, are available within 10 days. "For those who discover malignant tumors, the most recent non-invasive methods of treatment are available, enabling them to return completely to their everyday lives within a few weeks and, after a long time, to renew their potential. However, in order to do this, it is important that the tumor be detected at an early stage, which can only be done if a person regularly performs the PSA test and goes to the doctor. Many thanks to the government for approving a number of projects for the purchase of state-of-the-art hardware in the field of urology this year as well as a national medication remedy which included a new drug for the treatment of prostate cancer in the latest stages of metastatic carcinoma. This significantly prolongs the life span of patients, "says P. Vaganov.

What should be known to Latvian men

• For almost 20 years, prostate cancer in the world is the most common malignant tumor in men.

• In Latvia this is the second most common type of cancer. (Data from the National Health Service (NSA))

• In 2016, 1286 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed. (SPCC data)

• The number of primary and malignant prostate tumors in the first eight months of 2018 was 4059 (of which 814 was the first time). (NVD data)

• In Europe, prostate cancer is about 3 million men, half of whom live five or more years from the diagnosis of diagnosis. If the tumor is detected at an early stage, it can be discarded and remission is possible without the recovery of the disease from 20 to 30 years or longer.

• Even if there are no complaints (cancer of the prostate in the early stages may not have symptoms), routine prostate tests should be performed about 50 years of age. From the age of 50, with a GP dispatcher every two years, the PSA test is paid by the state.

• Prostate cancer affects younger men. If someone in the family has this, it should be tested and at the beginning of urine you should go from 40-45 years of age.

• Prostate cancer can be treated at all stages of the disease. Not only the support and encouragement of doctors, but also the surrounding ones is very important.

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