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The decision on the number of Virsliga teams will be taken later – Football –


The meeting of the LFF Board, held in the Latin-inspired low-cost games in Astana, was widely discussed on a series of binding issues that influence the championship of the next season, as well as later questions related to possible changes in the first, second and second championships in the context , says LFF. The committee is familiar with the current conclusions and proposals of a specially established working group that will be forwarded for adoption at the next meeting of the LFF committee in November.

The decision on the number of next season teams Virslige will not be accepted before the end of the climb. The first match of Mette / LU yesterday was 7: 2, but the answer game is scheduled for Saturday.

However, the LFF Committee decided on the starting dates for the Championship and the season of the first league without approval by the following season. The 2019 season starts on October 8-10. Mart, while the first championship league game of the first championship will be held 6/7. April Proudly, this will be significantly earlier than in the previous seasons, for example, the season opened the season on March 31st.

Future changes in players' limitations and complex issues related to the possible expansion of Chelsea, as well as changes in the first, second and double championships, can be seen in the working group consisting of LFF president Kaspars Gorkas, members of the LFF Committee Maris Verpakovskis, Artur Zakresevski and Aleksandrs Isakovci, as well as representatives of the administration of LFF – Secretary General Edgar Pukinsks and sports director Dainis Kazakevics. A working group on this issue should make a recommendation to the LFF Committee in late November.

Considering the previously expressed opinion of the Association of the Latvian Football Association about the further development plans of the championship championship and the vision of the future model of cooperation with the LFF, the Federation and the LFF Committee express their readiness to continue active discussion on the various suggestions, possibilities of their realization and necessity. In the near future it is planned to hear the views of all Clubs Clubs Virsliga club clubs and league developments in order to improve the partnership between the LFF, the league and the clubs.

In addition, when considering the status of members of the LFF and the registry, the LFF Committee agreed to update the revision of existing members of the LFF. Taking into account the great interest of organizations to become members of LFF, the number of existing large organizations with this status, as well as the status of several current LFF members, a meeting of the responsible working group will be convened to direct the adoption of a concrete action plan to the LFF Committee.

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