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Ventspils wins the drama – Basketball –


The brightest episodes of the first quarter went by Ingus Jaković, and Janis Berzins hit the ball from the top, but Ludwigsburg, who scored a six point lead, was better off in the attack. In addition, after the break, Malcolm Hill recorded a distance and won plus nine Germans, while Ventspils' balance at that moment was quite unfortunate – 0/5.

Of course, distance measurement was only a matter of time, and successful cutting was made by Aaron Johnson, Usman Dram and Rihard Lomaj, the first to be removed from the distance, and the second after that impressively blocked the shot and launched an attack in the other direction, which finished third with three points at 30:33. Moreover, Johnson was a little later from the perimeter.

However, the first half was a wave of waves, and "Ludwigsburg" managed to regain its previous lead – plus nine. Hill reached the distance in the last attack on his team, "Ventspils" played in his last attack on the free Lomoy troika, but did not run. Pagani at half-time were 4/12 away from distance, but the Germans threw it much more precisely – 5/7.

Robert Stelmaher managed to organize a team game during the half-time, and "Ventspils" started a mission-hunt, quickly defining the deficit. When in 48:49, Lomaz had the opportunity to put the team in the lead after a long break, he still struck a hard distance, however, before being locked. What Lomaz did not do, it was done by Jonathan Arredges, and "Ventspils" was at the helm.

Before the quarter-finals, Ventspils had a six points advantage. There could be more, but Jakovich did not have a penalty, and in the end Hilovo's second field with siren hit an acrobatic shot. Nevertheless, the problems continued to be stability – the dominance fell, and after five minutes, the leadership was already in Ludwigsburg.

Both teams stayed by us, and the winner did not differ in time. Johnson, who had not caught Lomazzo 65 seconds before the end, could become an antivarium in the rankings "Ventspils". Then the home was minus three. The defense was held, but in the next offensive, Johnson will kick his leg and give Ludwigsburg two points in a quick attack.

True, the hope was still alive, because 14 seconds before the end of Ventspils players forced their opponents to make mistakes at 81:84. The initiative was taken by Lomazs who hit the distance and seven seconds before the end of the match. Ludwigsburg managed to pull the win, George Cravford marries Mari Gulbi, but he failed to hit the difficulty. Expansion

Ventspils started with a fifth pattern and a breakthrough 6: 0, while the guests needed more than two minutes to finally put the ball in the hive. However, instability followed again, and Hill's reduction reduced the deficit to a minimum. In addition, 4.7 seconds before the end, "Ludwigsburg" was attacked, it is true that he had to start from that area for his part. The heavy throw was wrong, and Ventsmen won a great victory.

Ventspils – Ludwigsburg 93:92 (17:23, 23:16, 25:10, 19:25, 9:08)

Ventspils: Gulbis 19, Arendus 18 (9ab), Johnson 17 (13rp), Lomazs 16, Dramas 7 (9ab), Berzins 7, Jakovic 6, Freimanis 3, Blaus, Bin.

Group A calendar

date A game The result
06.11. Nizhny Novgorod – Le Mans 85:71
Anvil – Murcia 68:87
Ventspils – Ludwigsburg 93:92
07.11. Avellino – Banvit


V The team U Z +/- Pt
1 Murcia 5 0 +61 10
2 Нижний Новгород 2 3 -21 7
3 Banvite 3 1 +54 7
4 Anvil 2 3 -4 7
5 Le Mans 2 3 -30 7
6 Avellino 3 1 +26 7
7 Ventspils 2 3 -35 7
8 Ludwigsburg 0 5 -51 5

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