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We're breaking up myths about the flu! Top 6 myths and their truth – health


To avoid the flu, you must first protect yourself from misconceptions about this addictive viral infection, which in people every day deprives people of the cold, not only their ability to work, but also their lives in the cold months. Uga Dumpis, the chief specialist of infectious diseases in the Ministry of Health, explains the most common myths about the flu.

Myth number 1

"In order not to get infected with the flu, a strong immunity is sufficient"

"Most people are susceptible to influenza viruses no matter how strong or weak they are in general immunity, it is important to have special immunity against influenza after the flu, or after vaccination, if a person experiences a new type of influenza, there is a high risk of developing the disease. the whole new influenza virus, still called a pandemic, seems to affect many more people, "says Dumpis.

"If someone thinks – I will not get sick with flu, because I take vitamins and athletes, then I should know – it does not work." Mortality or immature diseases are more affected by specific immunity and human genetic characteristics, and the risk of illness is increased due to stress, fatigue, piercing, unbalanced nutrition, overheating and cooling. In turn, the severity of influenza determines several factors, including body response. "There are cases when, due to strong immunity, the organism is" too active "to respond to influenza viruses, and the inflammatory process produces significant symptoms of influenza, which means that the disease is stronger. But usually in these cases, thanks to the strong immunity, the patient successfully cures "explains Dumpis.

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