Thursday , June 1 2023

4 comes out in a crisis of authorship. Who is the winner and the loser?


Under the name 4 comes out in a national node without a winner or loser, Dulli Bashalani wrote in the Diar newspaper: Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, a political action commissioned and directed by President Michel Aoun after the abolition of the ceiling to resolve the Sunni knot, the Sunni – Shiiti, which hindered the formation of a new government. Since Basil called him a "national hub," he expands fans of political meetings to see different attitudes to provide an appropriate solution for the knot, which should be the last before the task of the president in charge of forming a government.

According to political sources who are familiar with Basil's move towards political forces and spiritual leaders, he intends to reach a solution that could be agreed upon by each of the two conflicting factions, that is, the "future movement" on the one hand and the consultative meeting and "Hezbollah" on the other side, there must be no winning team and another loser. As in Christian and family epochs, it is possible to solve the Sunnah knots in the way "what dies and does not spoil the sheep", that is, bringing the views of Hariri and the opposing Sunni messengers together.

Since the presidential candidate insists on rejecting one year of opposition from his share and will not retire, as announced at his latest press conference, described as the "Sunni Sun" in Lebanon, there are exits from the Sunni Nuclear Nerve in the following way:

1. The President of the Republic takes over things, as was the case with the Community, although he opposes taking a Sunni share, but he may eventually agree, especially as it is more urgent to launch the real government of the Pact at the start of the third year of its life. However, the ministry that will be assigned to the Minister Sunit will be without a portfolio, or the Ministry of the State, because it is very difficult to assign a legitimate portfolio of ministers to opposition Sunni MPs, after distributing the portfolio into parliamentary blocks.
2 – Independent Members of the Sunit should withdraw from their request to appoint one of them, as Hezbollah ministers represent their political orientation in the government, and because the State Ministry does not enter into what they want, which is why the party ceases to support their demand because they left her alone.
3 – In order to become the minister of the opposite party against the minister of the sector and nationality, which is why the new government is divided into three dozen, but composed of 33 ministers, the new division depends on 11 + 11 + 11, without taking into account the same criterion, I " "and" nationalist "parties have a minister, although each has only three deputies. There is a fear that this new equation will make other parties look for more ministers, but the answer to this fear is that this will be done remarkably in order to satisfy all the political components of the country and form a powerful state united government.

The fourth suggestion could be made, sources added, which can trigger responsibilities and leaders that Basil consulted and takes on his views and guidelines, especially if this proposal is accepted by all parties. Many are coming out, according to information, and the door is not locked on any solution or proposed solution that meets everything.

Sources emphasized that the change of equation can be approved by all political forces because no team can feel it is absent or loser or winner, but they are all compatible in favor of Lebanon, especially since the international community began to see with little confidence because the formation of the government Bilo It takes six months, half a year, without a new government to see the light. And no one will be afraid of a third of the guarantor or obstruction in the new government if the division remains the same even if the number of ministers increased.

As Prime Minister Saad Hariri wanted to form a government, he made a new government smaller than the present, according to some who know, that is, Not to involve 24 ministers, in order to reduce the level of salaries and all other demands that the state treasury has as a result of the demands of the ministers,. However, political divisions have led to the adoption of 15 Muslims (6 for the future, 6 for the Shiite and 3 for friends, one for President Aoun), 15 for Christians (10 for the president and the current, 4 for the forces and one for the Marad). According to Rule 6 and 6 bis, Or the division of blocks according to the rule of three dozen so that no side is not only one-third incapacitated.

According to sources, the share of Tusir Derzi and Sunita Aun preserves the share of Christians in the performance, but in turn entices other sects as a "whole" and can absorb everything under his coat, as it is the guarantor of all political forces. On this basis, political parties can rest until the end of the Pact's life if the new government continues its work and production for a period of four years, as everyone believes.

In addition, giving the battalion and the states of the two ministries "modernist" would worry them with the economic plan that the new government intends to adopt, as well as the various resolutions and projects related to international conferences held for Lebanon. That is why all parliamentary blocks are represented in the government, and none of them remain outside. Perhaps this could trigger the work of the new government, instead of leaving the opposition parties outside of which they are working to tighten the streets or destabilizing their business for one reason or another.

And then it can be said that the Lord used the damage, by the decision of the Sunni Node to build the last proposal. Bassil will meet in the meetings of the deputies at a "consultative meeting" to put forward proposals, and then work to convince Harry and the meeting's members of the need to meet together and put their points on solving the solutions that meet them together and contributing to the creation of a government soon after none of the parties wants to disturb the work of institutions in the country.

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