Friday , May 7 2021

A gift from China to Lebanon today

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Today at noon, the Chinese vaccine “Sinopharm” arrives at the international airport in Beirut.

This series of 50,000 doses does not come from the previous series of vaccines “Pfizer”, “Sputnik” and “AstraZeneca”.

In its “first entry” into the vaccine line, China decided that this series would be its gift to the Lebanese state, and its course will be managed by the Ministry of Health.

In that context, Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan announced the allocation of 10,000 doses to the army leadership, while the remaining percentage was divided between 20,000 doses for the media sector by journalists and photographers, according to the Ministry of Information and Trade Unions. in contact with people such as the Association of Public Sector Employees, Social Security Workers and Veterinarians …

The ministry did not publish the details of the vaccination plan with “Sinopharma”, but its sources indicated that the inoculation with it will be done in less than a week.

Vaccination with the Chinese vaccine will be done in less than a week

In addition, Hassan yesterday released details of the ministry’s vaccination strategy for the next two months to speed up the pollination process, following adjustments made in terms of horizontal expansion to strengthen the “immunity” of economic sectors.

In that context, Hasan confirmed that the Ministry of Public Health ends today with sending invitations to those between 70 and 75 years of age, provided that the vaccination of this group with the “Pfizer” vaccine is completed before the end of this month.

Regarding the vaccination of this group, the Ministry of Health is reserving this week the dates of vaccination with the “AstraZeneca” vaccine for the mentioned age group between 65 and 70, and expects the vaccination process to be completed by the end of this month.

Also this week, the ministry will begin reserving vaccination appointments for the 70-65 age group, provided their vaccination with Pfizer is also completed before the end of next May.

Not far from the strategy, the “inventory” of the Ministry of Health showed that the number of those vaccinated with “Pfizer” who received two doses, so far, reached the threshold of ninety thousand, and the number of those who received the first dose was 45 thousand.

As for those innovated by “AstraZenec”, their number has now reached 6,127 people. Hassan confirmed that none of them showed serious side effects that required admission to the hospital, reiterating that “all vaccines are good”.

As for the number of registered people on the platform, the atmosphere does not seem encouraging, because that number is still on the threshold of one million and 44 thousand, and without that a long way to go, especially since a large part of those who did not register on the platform or are ignorant How

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