Friday , January 22 2021

“About her” … a story about a woman, a city and a homeland

As part of its digital activities, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation invites, on its website, on the first of next December, to attend the screening of the Syrian short film “Anha” (15 D – 2020), written and directed by Rabab Merhei. The work (produced by the General Film Foundation) is about “a woman, a city and a nation, everywhere in the Arab world, in times of war and peace, how they betrayed and tortured her for money and illusory freedom.” The tape shows various real and false social and human relations, as well as the mutual relations of artists, with the control of social media to condemn us. The list of heroes includes a group of prominent names, including: Fayez Kazak, Milad Youssef, Robin Isa and Karam Shaarani, with Najat Muhammad, Salma Suleiman, Muhammad Vahid Kazak and Fadel Wafa’i. Please note that the link to watch the film will be posted before it is shown on all the Foundation’s websites on social media, followed by a discussion with the director, interviewed by critic Rania Haddad, via the “Zoom” application and Facebook.

* Screening of the film “Anha”: Tuesday, December 1 – 18:30 Beirut time – website of the “Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation”. (Discussion link on Zoom – discussion code: 81090574590)

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