Tuesday , September 27 2022

Berry: Nothing new in the subject of government … and we have to pray


The bishops of the Maronites called for the removal of obstacles … The future movement confirmed that Hariri blocked the way of representation on March 8,

The Maronite bishops of Maronite in Lebanon called for the activation of the work of the governing government until the family of the new government separates itself from the limits on the outside and from the inside. At a time when Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri announced that there was no new copyright law.

MPs, after a parliamentary meeting Wednesday, quoted Beria as saying that the situation in the government is still the same, nothing happened in connection with it, especially in connection with the dismantling of the Hizbullah holding complex on March 8th. "Advisory meeting" Sunni lawmakers who were related to the party yesterday sought his representation, attributing a delay to Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Regarding what will be said about the legislative session that will be held next Monday and Tuesday, President Berri repeated: "We are in an ordinary contract, and legislation is more necessary than necessary, and the Council will independently master it. naturally perform its national responsibilities, its duty and its work. " He stressed: "If one of them wants to disrupt the country, we will not and will not allow it, and we will perform our duty and our constitutional obligations and national in all areas".

This came at a time when the authority for future information denounced the words of one of Hezbollah's suppliers and the Syrian regime that he heard from President Nabih Beri that he had not heard from the chairman in charge of refusing to represent one of the six deputies. , I 's source in the (future movement) that this claim is not tied to the fact that this is a question, and the candidate for the president was crucial to reduce the way on the topic with President Berri and others. " Former deputy and leader of the future movement, Mustafa Alloush, called on the Bishops of Maronites to activate government work, stressing that the authority became difficult, either on the basis of the information they have, especially after the meeting of the Patriarch, the great Mufti Jaafari Ahmad Kablan, God, "or he hinted at the rapid authorship by claiming that Hariri's activation of the guard was not in question.

Al-Alush said Ashark Al-Avsat: "It is not possible that Hariri activates the government in every sense of the word, with the assurance that it will not stand on any pulse problem as stipulated by the Constitution." He added: "As far as the shepherd's message to Hezbollah is concerned, it is certain that this does not attach importance to religious references, which are not related to the mandate of a lawyer, regardless of their formal respect for them." Bridging the node «8. March ».

At the end of their monthly meeting, the bishops of Maronite were urged to "activate the work of the government of the guardians in order to be organized to a certain extent by states and citizens, while the families of the new government are not separated from external and internal restrictions." At the same time, they called for "The New Government, a gift of Independence Day, which separates us from two weeks, was not sad and disappointing."

Bishops thought that running a business does not mean that they do not oversee the implementation of ongoing projects, and not overlook the administrative and financial control of ministries and departments and smooth functioning of the work, nor refrain from participating in the work of parliamentary committees. Therefore, public action can regain some of its respect in the eyes of Lebanese, friendly capitals and international organizations.

Bishops expressed regret over "the decline of political consideration in the degree of classification of ministerial portfolios between the budget and the political and official and similar and demanded by these government and homogeneous members of ethics and competences, competencies and experiences, they are realistic and practical about the reform program and participate equally in its implementation, as its absolute master, and do not let political and sectarian activists violate law and justice, apply for one and the other person, and for the category of others, and does not allow owners Report any civil or security bodies to exaggerate and exploit them for specific purposes ".

At the same time, the "consultative meeting", which brings together "six Sunni MPs", Harrie is responsible for the obstacles to forming a government, and said in a statement after a meeting yesterday: "Who sets the obstacles appointed to the president and supports him in this campaign is biased, I the same standards in dealing with all parliamentary components and lacking the concern of the government of a national unit that preserves diversity within each community and at the national level. "He added:" It is not fair and patriotic to help the vast desire of the future movement to maintain its representation Sunni communities and the elimination of other components. "

The meeting is regrettable that "some religious authorities are being used as part of a political issue, while the main man uses Itikaaf outside the country and does not find real solutions, as if he is not concerned about the economic and non-economic threats that are endangering themselves."

"The ball is now in the court of President Michel Aount," a source close to Hezbollah said. "Only Aoun can solve the problem in light of the party's inability and Harrie to retreat."

"In my opinion, there is no solution, except with the President of the Republic … Hariri can not give up, neither Sunni nor Hezbollah can not withdraw. If the president wants the government, he must take responsibility."

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