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Decision of the Governor of Lebanon on the conditions of the license of the centers for the treatment of pets without sale


The Governor of Mount Lebanon, Mohamed Al-Meccawi, issued the Decision no. 671/2018 which specifies the conditions for issuing licenses for the centers for the treatment of pets without sale. It reads as follows:

Article 1. Pet-treatment centers require licensing, and investors must submit a request for registration in the Registry of the province only after providing the following documents:

1- Lease or lease contract and other documents proving the lawfulness of the works.

2 – Assignment and property planning does not last more than three months.

3 – Detailed maps of the store showing the internal division and sanitary facilities.

4 – Special official company documents in case of presence or copy of the identity of the investor.

5 – A permit for housing documentation certified by the municipality.

6 – Statement by the municipality that the store in the construction of a commercial destination and the area is not less than 30 square meters.

7- Registration of veterinarians to Veterinary Associations in Lebanon.

Article 2: The complete dossier will direct the Department of Health in Lebanon to pay the necessary fees after confirming the availability of all the necessary documents referred to in the first article in order to submit the list to the competent municipality for opinion and disclosure by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health in the Governor and the Association veterinarian in Lebanon And come back to make the right decision.

Article 3: Conditions to be respected in pediatric treatment centers are:

– Do not sell pets in treatment centers.

– The license is given to a veterinarian for a period of five years that can be renewed.

– The doctor must apply for Lebanon if he / she wants to stop working in the center, so the permit can be canceled or transferred to another doctor.

– An isolated room for surgical surgery.

– The center temperature should be between 15 and 25 ° C with adequate ventilation.

– Provision of health facilities, facilities and facilities for the protection of animals.

– Workshops are easy to clean and sterilize.

– The cage must be suitable for animal size and easy to clean.

– Provide adequate packaging for the conservation and disposal of animal waste in a healthy manner.

– Store food in a healthy way and tightly closed containers.

– Provide materials for cleaning and sterilization at a particular place in the store with referral to it.

– Contracts with a company specialized in pest control and rodents and a store periodically.

– Availability of animal records indicating gender, source and health records.

Article 4: All pet care centers operating without legal permission have a time limit of three months prior to this decision to satisfy the required conditions and obtain permission from Governor Mount Lebanon. If this is not possible, move to a different place that meets the requirements for this activity or ceases to apply it. Take appropriate legal measures to seal and seal the center with red wax.

Article 5: All pediatric treatment centers operating in Lebanon and obtaining a license before the date of this decision shall be applied by the Governor of Lebanon within a period not exceeding one month from the date of notification of the administrative file of the institution which the authorities will rediscover to indicate availability of conditions In accordance with Article III of this resolution.

Article 6: This decision is notified when necessary. "

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