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Flipboard databases are hacked, which exposes user data to risk



Fatima Ait Taleb – Dubai – Typically, some of the services available on the Internet are compromised, leading to leaks of usernames and passwords. That's exactly what happened now for the Flipboard service. The company has confirmed that some Flipboard access databases are unauthorized, thereby jeopardizing their user names and passwords.

Flipboard said that the party behind the hack was able to access certain databases of services several times and that it "probably received copies" of user information recorded in databases. It is said that a hacker illegally joined the Flipboard database between June 2018 and March 2019, as well as on April 21 and 22.


Flipboard confirms that this hack does not affect all users. However, with great caution, the company decided to grant the cancellation of the password for all of its 145 million accounts. The user who is next to sign in to their accounts will be asked to change the password.

Compromised databases include user names, passwords, and e-mail addresses. Fortunately, Flipboard does not store passwords in a plain text file. The company says it continues to investigate the hacking circumstances and did not determine the fixed number of accounts affected by this security breach.


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