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Great shock for users of "Android" updates of the new "Vattsaba"


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A large number of Android operating system users were hit by a huge shock due to the modernization of the new IM Vattsab IM.

British Daili Express published a report on the new Vatsab update, which included a lot of new features and technologies, but the worst is what Android users have experienced.

The leaf pointed out that Android users were using "and keep up the pace," they were surprised that it was impossible for them to capture an "Screenshot" screenshot of any private conversation with them.

A number of users pointed out that the defect was specifically demonstrated by the new user authentication function Vatsab added to his application, which allows the user to authenticate an account so that it can only open the fingerprint.

Many users have expressed their disadvantage and disadvantage in disadvantage, which appeared to users of Android on "and synchronized".

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