Thursday , March 4 2021

Haifa Vehbe surprises her fans by wearing a hijab: pleasure is in your heart (photos)


Haifa Vehbe

Lebanese actress Haifa Vehbe, following her personal account on a photo and video sharing site on Instagram, shared new photos, during which she appeared in casual sportswear, with a black veil, which strikingly showed part of her hair, inside and in front. cars.

Haifa commented on the pictures: “Happiness is in your home, so don’t look for it in the homes of strangers, and pleasure is in your heart, so don’t look for it in the hearts of others.”

A large number of followers of the Lebanese artist, either from the public or her friends from the art community, communicated with the paintings, which collected thousands of records of admiration, led by Shim Haja and Abeer Sabri.

Haifa Vehbe talks about the vaccine against Corona

Actress Haifa Vehbe recently published a publication announcing her refusal to receive the Corona vaccine, as she wrote on Instagram: “They have been around for many years, about 40 years, and they have not been discovered or treated for cancer or AIDS, and they must to be At least 100 years old, even the common cold, there is no cure, in connection with the Corona virus, in less than a year a vaccine for it was discovered, and I want to take it, no thanks. I don’t want to, I don’t take it.

Haifa currently plans to present a number of works of art in the new year, after the success of its series “Light Lions”, which was a trend and achieved a high ratings, as it received numerous praises from the audience, due to high acting performances, which differed from of her previous works.

It is important to note that the series “Light Aswad”, written by Amin Jamal and directed by Karim El ADL, and co-starring Sherif Salama, Rogina, Ahmed Fahmi, MUTASIM Al-Nahar, Omar Al-Saeed, Firas Saeed, Rania Mansour, Hussam Al -Jundi, Hanan Sulejman, Nanci namaz, Nasser Saif and Nabil noureddine.

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