Wednesday , December 8 2021

Haifa Vehbe To Shine Dubai Dance and Singing


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The latest Lebanese artist and artist, Haifa Vehbe, has revived two concerts in Dubai, provoking controversy on social media sites.

Haifa Vehbe, the audience at the first short-silver concert Gmpsut showed many reviews and did not differ in the appearance of the ceremony that he read the next day at the same stage only in the colors that appeared at the ceremony.

The view of Haifa Wahbe at the second concert was shamefully pioneered by the pioneers who linked it with the clothing of the Egyptian popular artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim, especially depending on the color of many similar to their appearance.

During the ceremony, the Libyan singer presented many of her songs, especially the songs of her latest album, "Hava". She also presented various of her old songs in the midst of a great audience interaction with her during the ceremony.

Haifa Vehbe entered the ceremony accompanied by her young manager, Mohammed Al-Waziri, who wanted to protect her from being choked by the public and photographers.

Haifa's appearance was not the only controversy, but more dance links that followed her in all her songs, which had recently appeared on all her concerts.

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