Thursday , March 4 2021

Hezbollah pursues a policy of intimidation and seduction and has no confidence in the forces

The head of the Lebanese party Kataeb, Sami Gemaiel, explained that “the party no longer trusts the Lebanese forces, because they are from the political system that ruled the country and led it to what it is.” “They are part of the settlement that led President Michel Aoun to the presidency of the Republic, and they voted on successive budgets and the election law passed by Hezbollah is in power, while they voted on taxes.”

“The time has come to stop working in an opportunistic way, and the time has come to work soberly and honestly, away from cheating,” he said in an interview with Laial Al-Ikhtiar during a program on the “political scene” on Al-Hurra television. adding that “Lebanese forces are changing their attitudes towards their interests and their budgets. The forces bet on a vow. The leader of the Free Patriotic Movement was Gebran Bassil Saleh, and today the exact opposite happened. For me, there is a problem of trust that is caused by performance.

Gemaiel touched on the smuggling file, noting that “there is no decision to stop smuggling, because Hezbollah decided that, and if there really was a state, the borders would be under control.”

He emphasized that “Hezbollah is pursuing a policy of intimidation and seduction, because the series of assassinations was intimidation on May 7, and black shirts and carrots through the settlement.”

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