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Home Arabs and the world After the invitation of the King of Saudi Arabia .. 13 Arab summits at age 74 in my country

King of the two holy mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, called on the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Arab leaders to hold two emergency meetings at the top in Mecca and Mecca.

An official source in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the invitation to the two summits was a matter of determination to consult and coordinate with the sister countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the League of Arab States in order to increase security and stability in the region.

The Arab region was the witness of many extraordinary Arab summits, which were associated with various events and problems that testified about the interests of the Arabs despite the absence of some leaders sometimes or the absence of representatives from some countries. Since 1945, 13 emergency summits have been held, according to Ski Nevs , ":

– Extraordinary Summit Anchas 1946

Egypt, East Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria The summit affirmed the right of the Arab peoples to exercise their independence and called for the stopping of Jewish immigration to Palestine and the defense of Palestine in case of aggression against it.

Beirut Emergency Summit, November 1956

The summit was held with the participation of nine Arab presidents, after a tripartite aggression to Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Cairo Emergenci Summit

An extraordinary summit in Cairo was held after the armed conflict in Jordan between Palestinian organizations and the Jordanian government, known as the "Black September events", and Syria, Iraq, Algeria and Morocco boycotted the summit.

Riiadh Emergency Summit

The Riyadh summit was held at the invitation of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, in order to discuss the crisis in Lebanon and the means of resolving it, involving Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon and the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine.

Fez Emergenci Summit September 1982

It was held in September 1982 in Morocco, and was attended by nineteen countries and it was absent from Egypt and Libya.

Casablanca Emergency Summit, August 1985

The Casablanca Emergency Summit was convened at the invitation of Hasan II of the Kingdom of Morocco to discuss the "Palestinian cause" and the deterioration of the situation in Lebanon and international terrorism.

Amman Emergency Summit

The Amman Summit announced its solidarity with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq in meeting Iranian threats and provocations, involving 20 Arab countries, as well as the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Algerian Emergency Summit, June 1988

The Algerian summit in support of the Palestinian uprising was held at the initiative of Algerian President Chazly Bennid.

Casablanca Emergenci Summit May 1989

The summit in Casablanca, Egypt, returned to the Arab League membership, but testified to the absence of the Lebanese national team, which the two governments have challenged.

Baghdad emergency summit

At the summit, they discussed threats to Arab national security, citing measures to be taken against them, and condemning the intensification of Jewish immigration in Jerusalem, witnessed by the lack of Lebanon and Syria.

Cairo Emergenci Summit

The summit was held after Iraq's aggression in Kuwait, and Tunisia was absent at the summit.

Cairo Emergenci Summit

The summit was held after the arrival of the extreme right in the occupying state, headed by Benjamin Netaniahu, to discuss the fate of the peace process and attend the summit of all Arab countries except Iraq.

Cairo Emergenci Summit October 2000

The summit was held in 2000 after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon entered the Holy Mosque, attended by 14 Arab leaders, and the Libyan delegation withdrew the second day of the summit.

In addition to an emergency summit in Gaza, held in Doha in January 2009, following an attack on the Gaza Strip, the convening of the summit testified to the Arab dispute about its legitimacy in the absence of a quorum for them, as well as the impact on the Kuwaiti Economic Summit, held later and also referred to as the Israeli Occupation Attack in the Gaza Strip.

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