Friday , May 7 2021

How long will people pay bills?

Deputy Ali Khreis said: "What we enjoy today is security stability along the border with all occupied Palestine, thanks to mothers and earthquakes like Arsia and her sisters, thanks to resistance and all working people in the south."

Haris asked at a memorial ceremony in Arsi-Zahrani city, such as the Amal Movement in the presence of deputy representative Ali Osseir, the cultural leader of the Amal movement in the south and the President of the Alliance of Municipalities on the coast Zahrani Ali Matar, "How long will these people continue to pay precious accounts and how long will the crisis accumulate and whether it is a reward for him or to punish him for his home country victories?

Kreis concluded: "Today we must not just celebrate the Independence Day, but we must all leave the selfishness and quotas and join efforts to build a homeland worthy of this untrustworthy and militant people to enjoy political, security, social and ecological security and security throughout Lebanon." is.

In conclusion, the Hussein Council of Sheikh Haider Mavla.

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