Thursday , February 9 2023

Infection of this category with a very dangerous corona … Warning from “World Health”


“A quarter of the world’s population is infected with fungi that can cause tuberculosis, and although that does not mean that they are sick or can transmit the infection, there is a great risk. The risk of getting tuberculosis is getting worse because the world is suffering from a coronary virus pandemic. “

In an interview conducted by Wismita Gupta-Smith, in episode 58 of the “Science at Five” program, which the World Health Organization broadcasts through its official website and account on social media platforms, Dr. Kasaeva said that both tuberculosis and the Corona virus mainly affect the lungs. , although this tuberculosis is caused by bacteria, and “Covid-19” virus, but it should be borne in mind that “tuberculosis is ubiquitous and can affect anyone, although it is known that there is a group of countries with a high burden of tuberculosis, where the risk of tuberculosis much larger. “

Dr. Kasaeva added: “The first evidence indicates that the infection of tuberculosis patients with the corona virus is more severe, in addition to affecting the success of the treatment of tuberculosis itself.”

Dr. Kasaeva explained: “TB is one of the biggest infectious diseases that kills immediately after the corona virus,” noting that “tuberculosis spreads everywhere, and the infection is transmitted by air and knows no borders or countries.”

And a global health expert said: “TB kills more than 4,100 people every day, and every year about 10 million people become infected with tuberculosis.”

Due to the current situation and disruption of basic services, “there may be a fear of a significant reduction in the diagnosis of tuberculosis, which also means that people may not receive life-saving therapy in time and transmission continues. That is why there must be measures, even during the outbreak of a new corona epidemic, to successfully fight the disease and protect people with more attention and care. “

On the ways of providing proper care and attention to ensure proper care for TB patients, Dr. Kasaeva said: “You must follow the doctor’s advice and maintain a place where the patient lives among his family well ventilated and adhere to all labels and principles of good hygiene. especially cough labels, in addition to wearing protective masks, in an appropriate manner and maintaining physical and social distance, in addition to vaccination as soon as the vaccine is available.

Dr. Kasaeva advised that a person should do tests for coronavirus and tuberculosis and monitor for symptoms such as cough, fever and shortness of breath, explaining that both diseases can have similar symptoms, so anyone who notices the presence of these symptoms along with family history of infection With tuberculosis, he must be tested for tuberculosis together with BCRO or coronavirus antigen.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Teresa pointed out that “tuberculosis is a disease that can be prevented and treated, as long as the instructions are strictly followed and adhered to in a way that helps the safety of people and the safety and health of their families.”

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