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Iranian Revolutionary Guard: We are going through the most important moment in our history

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Site management has the right to delete comments that contain languages ​​that differ from the language of most of the site's content. All sites have different language rights for editing comments.

User comments are deleted in the following cases:

  • If the comment is inconsistent with the content of the publication.
  • If the comment provokes hatred and racial, ethnic, sexual, religious or social discrimination or violates minority rights.
  • If a comment violates minority rights and damages them in any form, including moral abuse.
  • If the comment contains ideas of extreme nature or calls for other illegal activities.
  • If the comment contains insults or threats addressed to other users or organizations in a manner that jeopardizes the reputation of businesses or employees and diminishes their dignity.
  • If the comment contains insults or messages expressing disrespect for the "Sputnik" site.
  • If the content of comments violates privacy, it publishes personal information to third parties without the consent of those parties or violates the privacy of communications.
  • If the comment contains scenes of violence or abuse and cruelty to animals.
  • If the comment contains information on how to commit suicide and incitement.
  • If the comment is intended for commercial advertising, the promotion of an inappropriate or illegal political declaration, or any other online resource whose contents are listed above.
  • If the content of comments promotes products or services of third parties without the knowledge of those parties.
  • If the comment contains a sharp language or a profane word or an indication of derivatives of those words.
  • If the comment contains spam emails, mass mail services are sending out quick-speed programs.
  • If the comment promotes the use of narcotics and other drugs, it contains information about their products and how to use them.
  • If the comment contains links to viruses or malicious and malware.
  • If the comment is part of a structured work that includes large amounts of comments with one content.
  • If the comment contains messages that are incomprehensible and irrelevant.
  • If a comment violates the literature and principles of the transaction, it shows any form of aggressive or degrading behavior.
  • If the comment is not in accordance with the basic rules of English, for example: writing (colloquially) in capital letters or not sharing in sentences.

Site management has the right to prohibit the user from accessing the site's website, or to delete his account without notice, if the user violates or fails to comply with the violation of the above rules.

Users can process or reactivate their accounts by contacting moderators at

Message should contain the following:

  • Topic – Recovering a Task / Restarting.
  • User ID.
  • State the reasons and explain the conduct that led to the violation of the above rules, forcing the site management to ban users.

If site administrators believe that the account can be restored / restarted, it will do so.

If a user account is re-blocked as a result of repeated violations of the rules above, the account will not restart or reopen.

To contact site moderators, send a message to

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