Friday , May 7 2021

Jerusalem News Agency – Quantum leap from “Samsung” in the world of telephones … these are its details

Websites specializing in modern technologies have revealed data leaks that the famous Samsung wants to make changes in its smartphone development policies.

She said, “Samsung has registered a patent for the development of mobile screens reminiscent of the idea of ​​an LG event screen CES 2021“.

Analysts said Samsung will design entirely new generations of devices that simultaneously combine the capabilities of laptops and smartphones.

They said that the device in its normal state would be the size of an ordinary smartphone.

They stated that after you open its screen, which will be wrapped in a structure, it will transform into a small tablet computer.

As stated by the vice president of the company Samsung screen Choi Kwon Young says Samsung’s re-release screens should appear this year.

She mentioned that the well-known company is working on expanding its leadership in the market of folding screens with medium and small screens.

Significantly, Samsung wasn’t the first in it, as it was reviewed late last year Oppo Phone X 2021 It is the first rotating screen in the world.

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