Sunday , April 2 2023

Launching "up & dovnBeirut" sponsored by Riiashi – Al Mustakbal list


Rita Wakim al-Haj, the website up &, was hosted by Melhem Al-Riiashi, the government's information minister in conservation, advocated by his French adviser, Alessar Nadeef Geage, at a dinner held at Sik Zmurd restaurant in Dbaieh.

The ceremony was attended by Minister of Economy and Trade of the Government of the Government Raed Khouri, Ambassador of Ukraine Ihor Ostash and Bangladesh Abdulmutallab Sarkar, Deputy Georges Akis and Hagop Terzian, Paraguay Embassy Commissioner Natalie Massaad, Ambassador Grazella Saif, Beirut Investigative Judge Georges Rizk, Mahfouz and representatives of hotel unions and restaurants in Lebanon and the media, social and artistic aspects.


"At a time when transparency, credibility and unpopularized words became scarce, it has become necessary to create a free platform that includes inclusiveness and impartiality, brings news and continues with the latest events," she said. Honest and purposeful media based on positive, constructive, non-destructive, uncompromising positive reviews in search of improvement and development. "


Minister Riiashi's speech congratulated Al-Hai on launching a new website and described him as "recognizable because he was not a political site and at the same time not quite technical."

"We know how many political websites have become as large as the location of art locations," she said.

She added: "What distinguishes this site is at the same time cultural, social and artistic, as the Ministry of Information we encourage all means that contribute to the spread of freedom and thoughts of all sorts, within the ethical control we believe in and held away from insulting, abusing and exposure to others. "

She congratulated Vakimu on "this new step, and we saw how the reporting deals with the objectivity and comprehensiveness of this site, and we saw that this is very positive." We encourage such sites and we bless and stand next to him and we support him.

She concluded by reiterating Al Haj's congratulations on the site on behalf of and for the Information Minister who was absent for the trip.

After that, Hajj presented the post to Minister Khouri Daraa as a gift to the sponsor of the ceremony, which was received by his representative Geage.

The program was followed by a technical program, after which the cake was cut out to celebrate this occasion.

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