Saturday , April 1 2023

Mohamed Salah sings "Pisces" accompanied by Croatian Louvre … Amr Adib says: "About the joy of Dina Sherbini!"


Mohamed Salah

Mohammed Salah, the Egyptian star of the Liverpool club, Mohammed Salah, participated in a video clip in which Huegni plays the song "Riba" Amr Diaba with his Croatian counterpart Diane Lofrin.

Egyptian media commentator Amr Adib commented on this video, wondering how Croatian Lofrin managed to pronounce some of the songs with a message: "What did you do, Salah?

Amr Adib said: "As the Egyptians and the Arabs are geniuses, and God is a song written by one Croatian, the joy of Dine al-Sherbini has remained."

Al-Sheikh filed a lawsuit on his official Facebook page, followed by a video by Salah, accompanied by his collaborator, Croatian Diana Lofrina, and wrote on the video: "Abu Salah wants real songs."

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