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Qatari International Rally starts from Souk Vakif


The start of the day and the strong competition expected in the version (36)
A special celebration of Superman today
And reduced phases due to heavy rains

In the midst of a great atmosphere, the President of the Federation expects to announce the launch of Qatar International Relia in its 36th edition of Souk Vakif in the heart of Doha. The fifth and final round of 2018 in the Middle East is a championship organized by the Qatari Motor and Motorcycle Federation (KMIA) and has a good share, with the number that reached today before the technical inspection (15).
Superman is trying to break his number
The world champion, world champion, is proud to have won the 14th Middle East Rally champion for his career and tries to break his record of winning the Qatar Relia with 13 victories and hoped to win his 14th victory since 2003, followed by Matteo Pommel was on the water cooler problem, which led him to retreat, leaving the first place for his compatriot Rashid Al Nuaimi and his Portuguese navigator Hugo Magallis (Subaru Impreza).

Competition category I

Al Attiiah, who will be behind the steering wheel of the Ford Fiesta R5 from AUTOTEC, will compete in the R5 with its Czechs, Vitek Steeva, on the Skoda Fabia R5. For the first time in his career behind the Ford Fiesta R5, the team is preparing the Motorton team.

Hot competition between category (N)

Cars MERSI 2 or Group N are in close competition with around 8 crews on the Mitsubishi Lancer and 3 Subaru Impreza cars with final hourly preparation before the start of real racing within the speed limit. In northern Qatar.
Kuwaiti driver Meshari Zafairi with his Qatar Naser Nasser Saadoun al-Kuvari has won the title of this category with the end of the Kuwaiti relay. George Kaled Juma will be the center behind Al-Kuwait, despite his absence, along with his fellow countryman, Ihab Al-Shurafa, for the rally.
Abdullah Al Kuvari returns to the regional stage of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 Championship. The Qatari driver scored a good result on the Jordan Rally of the same year, as well as the third in the first round and the first in Group N.
Although Khalid al-Suwaidi is not involved, Qatar has two other drivers, Mohamed al-Mir and Rashid al-Mohannadi.
Oman has six cars, including Abdullah al-Ravakhi, Zakaria al-Shanfari, Saif Abdullah al-Harthi, Shavn McGonigal, Tawfi and Hamid al-Vaeli.

Ben Idan is back to take part

Kuwait, next to Al Dhafairi, is also the driver of the N-Series 2016, and Ben Idan fought against the clock to equip his car in time for Ivo 9 to pass the technical inspection. The winner of the MIRC 2, behind the frame of the Skoda Fabia 1.6 steering wheel, will also be the winner of the European Championship.

New setup along the stage

Due to recent heavy rains, the rally has been modified to reduce the overall speed limit from 203.40 km to 153.82 km, but Qatar International Ralli stays within 75% of the allowed FIA sports rules for All teams can score points.
The "Friday" phase decreased from 17.02 km to 15.87 km, similar to the "ammunition" phase, which declined from 18.13 km to 12.46 km, while "Al Khor" decreased from 18.37 on Saturday 13.20 km, while "" Al Ruvais is 14.22 kilometers instead of 27.02 kilometers.

Fourth calendar

The schedule will include a technical check in the morning, where all participating vehicles will be subject to technical inspection to ensure they comply with applicable laws. This is transmitted over two hours live via Al Raiian Satellite Channel at an official press conference before the launch ceremony in Souk Vakif in the center of Doha.
The press conference will be held on the launch platform between 17.45 and 18.15, and the launch will begin at 19.05.

Middle East Rally Championship

Temporary General Arrangement after the completion of the fourth round (unofficial results):
Driver / points
Nasser bin Saleh Al – Attiyah (Qatar)
2 Vojtek Steev (Czech Republic) / 93
Meshari Al – Dhafiri (Kuwait)
Roger Feghali (Lebanon)
Khalid Juma (Jordan)
General ranking of the second category "MRC 2" after the fourth round:
Driver / points
Meshari Al – Dhafiri (Kuwait)
Khalid Juma (Jordan)
3 Savas Sava (Cyprus) / 37
Ihab Al-Shurafa (Jordan)
5 Costas Zenonos (Cyprus) / 30
Total third-place placement of "MRC 3" after the fourth round
Driver / points
1 Henry Covie
Ronnie Canaan
3 Panaiotis Ksenophontus / 39
"VIA" Championship "MRC" Junior for the fourth round
Driver / points
1 Matijas Najim (Lebanon)

The Omani Association participates with a delegation of volunteers

In addition to the participation of five competitors from the Oman Sultan at the Qatar International Rally, the delegation of the Oman Motor Company also participates with four young volunteers to gain international experience from organizing the Qatar International Relay. Luai Jafar Al Bajali, Director of Motor Sports, said: Qatar Ralli is to contribute to the success of the International Relay in Qatar in the last round of the 2018 Rally Championship in the Middle East, and this is an excellent opportunity for organizers and representatives of the FIA, experience. "
"We will also be split into several different boards to maximize the use of this organization. The atmosphere here in Qatar is wonderful and beautiful, the organization is perfect, and the traffic is excellent at Qatar Ralli's headquarters."
"The idea of ​​moving from Souk Vakif is very impressive and important for the promotion of Qatar in a tourist setting. The Vakif market is a tourist attraction located in the heart of the capital city of Qatari and is visited by tourists, visitors and visitors from Qatar.

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