Saturday , June 3 2023

Radio Nour MP Moussavi: Allow the Trial Chamber to enter into a partnership with foreign companies while maintaining the sovereignty of the central central government


Member of the bloc loyal MP of the resolution Navaf al-Musawi that "The Judicial Council within the administrative decentralization powers to partner with foreign companies, stressing the need to develop with the weakness of local resources, taking measures that maintain the sovereignty of the central state of the strong."

Moussaoui's speech came at a meeting of the subcommittee, which discussed the proposed law on administrative decentralization held today in the House of Representatives.

The Moussavia office said that "it was discussed about the ability of the Judicial Council to decide on a partnership, especially if it is a matter of investing natural resources or is covered by the provisions of Article 89 of the Constitution, unanimously it was necessary to respect this constitutional article in each contract, this contract according to the law in the House of Representatives, but this does not hinder the process of development in the districts.

"Application of Article 89 of the Constitution to oil resources in the Lebanese territory, a commitment agreement, including the identification of diggers and excavations, a legislative body must be issued by law."

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