Friday , June 2 2023

Safi al-Din: What independent MPs demand from their natural law


Hezbollah held a monument to the bishop's three martyrs (Muhammad, Yusuf and Hassan) in the town of Bazouriyeh in the Abu Abdullah Al Hussein Cultural Complex in the presence of Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah Hizbullah. The masses of party leaders, religious scientists, events, personalities and people.
"We know that our enemy will not leave us," he said, "so that the US has started serious sanctions, and nowadays it speaks of stricter sanctions against Hezbollah, which is normal, we do not count on our enemies. "He added that" when US President Donald Trump signed the new Hezbollah sanctions, he chose to target Lebanese seafarers, believing that Hezbollah and those living with him are the targets of the Marines. That your elite strength, the weapons and destroyers that were in the core were that they used to be generally resilient since the first day as well as Snatamoh's power and ability of Israeli aircraft, weapons, and politics all fell, and Anhzemtem and also the resistance remained, survived and triumphed, and the new Aqhobatkm will win, God also wants. "
"Our honor, pride and pride to defend our country and our country was liberated in 2000. We defended it in 2006 and then against the Takfiri enemy and we launched the Takfirist in Syria and the border, and these results are known all over the world. resistance and martyrs and victims, and all who resisted, sacrificed, and worn this resistance. "

"Resistance defended Lebanon, preserved and presented the best and highest model in all its history, we can say that the true independence of Lebanon has started with this resistance, because the Lebanese people rests on freedom, dignity and independence in the real sense, permanent threats, that "without this security and security going on in Syria, Iraq and the region, it is not possible to introduce a new electoral law in Lebanon and to hold the recent parliamentary elections".

He stressed, "We have not been to Yemen and Lebanon one day, and one day we have not talked about our achievements in order to provide Lebanon in Lebanon, recognize us, recognize our history, culture, speech and logic. and moral, and what we offer today, patience and tolerance, is based on this background, but ultimately the facts must be shown and shown to all people.
"We have been very much contributing to the implementation of a new electoral law, but we do not say that this is an ideal law, but we can say that it is better than all the laws adopted in recent decades in Lebanon's history. parliamentary elections and the results have been published, the whole world has spoken in a language that the resistance axis has achieved great results in the Lebanese parliamentary elections, but yet we have not come to Lebanon to tell them that we have the majority and our opinion. And our government and our priorities On the contrary, we deal with humility, love, sincerity and conviction that Lebanon always needs a consensus and we are moving in that direction. "
"We do not want to speak in those languages ​​who want to say that the majority is either us and our allies, we know that a government needs consensus and understanding, and dialogue and conversation need to be made through consensus and understanding Some people still think that the way the Government is set up is based on consensus and understanding, and it has to do more to keep dialogue, debate and listen to others to achieve good results. We want to make a government this morning, but accordingly compatibility vision ".
He added, "Today, an official is not concerned about the formation of the government by saying that we have left the consensus until the leaders of the ruling and the formation of the government have said the day they left the consensus, which means that they have to follow the consensus, all the inflammatory speech and the way of counterfeiting In order to avoid responsibility and realism in his eyes, he does not benefit and does not receive, especially because real reality has to be treated realistically, parliamentary election results have brought new facts and did not demand political because we know that the Lebanese will not stand This is a betrayal of elections, the election law and all Lebanese will, including independent representatives who are part of their right to represent when the government is a government, a leader or an official. The next is a consensus and national unity government, and this is a good demand. "
Observed by Safi al-Dint: "Some people did not give up as he said and spoke to solve the node constituting the government because he claimed more of his rights and when he could not take more of his rights, he ended up as the independent MPs say, Therefore, they have a natural right to participate in the government, and this is our logic that we are offering calm, realistically, and objectively to achieve a natural result, so these unrelated deputies stick to their rights and support and support them because their demand is right.

In summary, a funeral was held for the deceased.

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