Monday , February 6 2023

Sluggish sales of iPhone KSR phones disappointed analysts' expectations


IPhone Phone KSR The new analyst forecasts, did not expect expected sales during the weekend, Apple did not receive the amount of the required assumption, and the Japanese magazine Nikke Reviev is called to cancel the "increase in production" of the new phone, which he reported earlier.

According to reports, Fokconn is the largest electronics producer and is responsible for the assembly iPhone KSR About 45 production lines, out of 60 production lines, are equipped to produce their share of the necessary iPhone phones.

The company was forced Pegatron, Which is a key partner for Apple to suspend production expansion plans, is awaiting further guidance, according to supply chain sources that are usually true of these things.

The factories are no longer Vistron They were waiting and hoping to join the compilation iPhone KSR To deal with so-called "emergency orders" and you no longer expect to get a job from Apple during the holiday season.

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