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SPOTIVAI is officially launched by the Music Broadcasting Service in the Middle East


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SpotVai for broadcasting musicOur source of news Reuters

Spotifi, an online music giant, has officially launched his operations in the Middle East, hoping to reach millions of digital users.

For several months, there were allegations of launching services in the Middle East.

Sputivai will probably face the sharp competition of opponents who are already working on this market.

Company officials hope the launch will officially reduce the piracy in the Middle East, but declined to comment on the number of new users he expected to be involved.

The service is already popular in the Middle East and is used by people through accounts linked to other countries where the service is available.

Subscribers can subscribe to FREE and paid services SPOTIVAI in UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Palestinian territories. The service is available in Israel since May.

"The Middle East represents what we believe is an unused opportunity for us," said BBC Clodius Boller, general manager of the Sotwai Middle East and Africa.

"The region is the second smallest population in the world, and with the latest statistics and figures on using smartphones for surfing the Internet, we believe that the time is right for the launch of Sputive and make it available in that area," he said.

Although launching means new customers in the Middle East, this can mean greater bargaining power for a company around the world.

Why not Techn Spotivai Available In that area before?

Original picture Spotify
Copy of pictures Daniel Eck launched the SpotPai service in 2008

In every region, the company must guarantee the right to broadcast music to its clients, as well as learn how to invest in new markets by finding advertisers who are willing to pay for the presence on their platform.

Regional listeners will be able to access the entire Sotivai library as well as other users in other countries such as the United States, says Buller.

Director of the company in Europe, Middle East and Africa Michael Krauss told the BBC in Dubai that Spotivai will assign unique content to the Arab world, as it did in other parts of the world.

This content will also be available to users around the world.

The company will offer selected songs for the Arabic world and for audiences around the world.

Do it First Service LFor music in the Middle East?

Original picture Getti Images
Copy of pictures Spotivai was announced at the New York Stock Exchange in April

Sputivai may be deemed to be postponed upon arrival at the area.

Asked about it, Buller said the company needs a long time to study local infrastructure, customs and culture before serving in the region, which allows it to deliver selected content to local markets.

But with SputePai in the Middle East, the service will directly compete with strong regional and international players who already have a popular base in the region.

Apple Music, the main competitor of Sotivai, is now in the region and is available to consumers in many countries across the region, according to its official website.

But with the launch of this service this week, Spotivai will offer IouTube Music Premium, the least paid music service that is not available in the Middle East.

Sputevai will face the competition of French Deezer, who started working in the region in October. The service has 14 million active monthly users worldwide in more than 180 countries.

In August, Deser signed an exclusive long-term contract with Rotana Records, said Reuters.

Asked whether the agreement would hamper Sputivai in the Middle East, Bulmer said: "We are trying to prepare the list." Honestly, now we do not believe that the Disar and Rotani agreement is negative for us because there are a large number of young people and new blood in which it is charged. Region ".

In addition, local players, such as Angam-based headquarters in Lebanon and operating in the region since 2012, can be a fierce competitor.

What is the true significance of the Middle East?

The Middle East has huge potential for the growth of technology companies, especially those on the Internet, with more than 400 million people, mostly young people.

According to a report by GSMA mobile operators of the 2017 group, "smartphones continue to grow in the region (slightly less than half the number of smartphones by mid-2017.) As the number of Internet users increases, Including video services, social media, e-commerce and financial services. "

The Group expects to increase internet connections over the phone from 50% to 69% between 2016 and 2020.

This means SPOTIVAI can sell its products to new users.

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